Pros and Cons Using Air Sink

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Pros and Cons Using Air Sink

Many think about the state of air in their apartment, and this is not devoid of grounds. The cleaner is what we breathe, the healthier in the final end we will.

The parameters of purity, humidity and cleanliness indoors are essential. For example, if the room is heated too much, or, on the contrary, cooled with additional funds, it can significantly dry air.

Probably, many have noticed that there is an uncomfortable indoor air. Of course, you can ventilate, but the air outside the window is not always clean, especially if this is the first floor, and the windows overlook the roadway.

An effective way to clean and humidify the atmosphere in the room is to use special devices. The most common to date the device is the so-called air sink.


This level is determined by conventional hygrometers. On a dry season (spring, summer, the beginning of autumn), this level decreases almost three times (up to 20%). In sunny weather, solve the problem of arid air is very problematic, because the window, on the street, moisture is not much more than in the apartment.

The arid climate in the room can lead to the following consequences.

If we are talking about long-term deposit in such a room, in some cases there is a decrease in immunity, increasing the irritability of epidermal cover, frequent local allergic reactions. Also reduced tone, performance, complaints appear on deterioration of well-being.

In the room where the humidity is restored to an acceptable level, a sharp improvement in rheology (blood flow) can be observed in the human body, improving the state of the mucous membrane, as well as the skin as a whole.

In addition to improving the overall state, water vapor has a property of binding of trash particles, which makes it easier to clean them.

To increase the humidity in your apartment, people resort to different options.

Someone buys aquarium and starts fish, others dried wet underwear right in the apartment, third, watering flowers, spray water dust from the pulverizer throughout the house.

Of course, all of the above little effectively and is rather temporary.

This device not only brings the atmosphere in the house to the required level of humidity, but also to some extent cleans the air. Let’s talk in more detail about what humidifiers are.

Air washing is a fairly simple device. Its main tasks are purification and humidification of air indoors. To date, these devices are customary to divide into two categories:

How does such an aggregate work? The rod-based devices passes the air through the spin plates, which are half immersed in the liquid. Such air sinks consist of:

Principle of operation of a rod-based air washing

The cooler serves an air jet in the washing compartment. Passing through moisturized plates, contaminated particles are associated. There are their natural swelling and weighting. Dirt settles in a liquid tank. Air is saturated with humidity to a specified limit.

The stream passing through the tank is blowing out through several holes with both sides of the device.

Instruments with hydrophiltrom

Principle of operation of washing with hydrophilt

Unfortunately, the question has to be put in this way.

The latter will be settled in a tank with liquid, and on disks (disks). The main danger lies in the fact that over time, such colonies are not simply burning inside, but they can fall into the apartment with a fused by the moisturized air.

If water from the tank contains mold and fungal disputes, it may be a direct threat to the health of everyone who lives in the apartment.

Of course, there is a solution to this problem, with a pretty prosaic. It is enough just to thoroughly rinse the tank and the wheels themselves, merge dirty water and pour clean (ideally distilled). Of course, each manufacturer has the frequency of maintenance of instruments may differ, but the reviews of experts claim that the fluid replacement should be carried out at least once every 2-4 days. If the humidifier is not at all used, it is best to drain the water and store it empty.

In addition to the hygienic lack of air miles, you can note

The list of other deficiencies is shown below.

But is there any benefits? Of course, the air washing is not deprived of and positive sides.

White raid from air humidifiers

In general, the use of this type of devices can be considered safe and useful, although not devoid of flaws.

As you can see, the benefits in some cases can be overlapped by existing constructive shortcomings (let them and not much).

However, each case is individual and largely depends on the environmental situation in the area in which the premises are processed. In addition, the view of the most humidifier, the manufacturer, its power and degree of filtration (the presence of additional filters of fine air purification) is of great importance.

It is impossible to talk about some direct harm, not mentioning many advantages that can be obtained using humidifiers. Obtaining harm when using air washing can be associated with

Users who know in cleaning the room, probably tried in everyday life washing air and can tell a lot about it.

As it can be noted, air humidifiers use sustainable demand among users. Their effectiveness is no doubt in most cases and only in some are questioned. Direct damage from air washing can also be made in the Count «from the case to occasion», because It depends on compliance with (or non-compliance) of many factors. For example, whether safety requirements were carried out whether the instruction was studied, whether moisturizing was required.

I personally use the air humidifier! With a long work for the PC, the eyes are tired and cut, and if you turn on the humidifier in the room everything happens without these symptoms!

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