Punish and not mestit

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Punish and not mestit

People often apply punishment, as an indicator that others have arrived incorrectly. Parents cannot do without punishment against their children, otherwise they will not be able to raise them. Managers cannot do without fines, otherwise they will not regulate the work of their employees. Of course, punishment is needed both in the upbringing of children, in the workshop, and in love relationships, in friendship, where people need to be shown, how should not come if they wish to have favorable relationships.

However, people are often not punished, but they revenge with their offenders. This is expressed in the fact that the punishment occurs after the commission of incorrect actions, and not before. What is the difference between punishment from revenge? The punishment takes place after the alert of a person about what he can come if it continues to make unpleasant actions. Revenge — Criticism, condemnation, causing pain for man for offended, without prior warning about what is unpleasant.

Warn how the punishment «after» is revenge. But people are the last way to use in their practice: they suffer, wait for change for the better, and then they get tired of feeling the unpleasant acts of others and begin to punish. So the parents do, when they punish their children after those committed the wrong deed. It was possible for the first time forgive, explain to the child, which consequences lead to its actions, and in the following times it is already punished. In the workshop, it is desirable to first cost the conversation with an employee about which his actions are considered unacceptable and to which consequences can lead in the future.

«Warned — it means armed» — a person should know what consequences will come if there is an unpleasant action. If you are starting to punish a partner without warning, then just take revenge on him.