Questions for the guy: what to ask, to better know, understand, loves or not, when you meet, about relationships. List of 100 questions

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Questions for the guy: what to ask, to better know, understand, loves or not, when you meet, about relationships. List of 100 questions

All girls want to learn more about their lover. And each thinks about how to set a question for a guy to get an exhaustive and honest answer.

First of all, the girl should ask the guy about his plans for the next 2-3 years.

Also, the girl should ask a man how serious his intentions towards her, just need to do it neatly. Thus, it is possible to understand whether he wants to build a family with her and make children. Questions for a guy about what he thinks of his companion play an important role in relationships.

The guy’s answer is very important to the question of how he belongs to his chosen. The guy who finds itself to answer the question of what his attitude towards a girl is most likely not wanting a serious relationship with his companion. Probably, he just uses the girl for the sake of mercenary purposes.

If the girl met in his life a guy with whom she wants to find a family, she should not ask a man about children and future family life. Psychologists recommend asking questions about his interests, relatives and friends.

For example:

It is very important to make a pleasant impression on the first date, as it will affect the further development of relations. The girl should carefully hint to his partner that she is ready for a serious relationship, but at the same time not to demand a response from him.


List of topics that need to be touched upon when conversation with a guy:

Questions for a guy about his life and hobbies will be very relevant at the first stage of dating. The girl is recommended to ask his beloved about his hobby, relatives, childhood, etc.

Thus, you can install a friendly contact:

Questions for the guy, funny with trick, will help to discharge the situation

When a girl has long been found with a guy and hopes with him to a joint future, she wants to be confident that her boyfriend loves her.

There are questions that will help her in this figure out, for example:

If the girl wants to impress the guy and intrigue him, then she will be able to do this with provocative issues.

Here are some options:

Intimate questions help get close to partners and diversify their sex life. It is not worth the girl to be afraid to ask questions for a guy intimate character.

Most strong sex representatives have erotic fantasies that they are afraid to tell their beloved.

But when the girl herself sets the guy’s vulgar questions, he begins to frank:

Video about what questions you need to ask the guy to attract his attention:

Questions for a guy on correspondence in the VC should be selected based on the information received about it from its page. If, for example, he has many photos on the page from different countries of the world, then you can ask him about what places he would still like to visit.


Psychologists believe that when the relationship between a man and a woman has become close enough, the time comes to ask each other with outspoken questions. You can ask your partner about past relations, about his ideas about family life, etc.

The girl should never ask questions to her boyfriend about how she looks like

Quite often, people think about some unfamiliar nonsense, which is simply not necessary to discuss with someone. And at that moment, when a man thinks about something is not important, the woman begins to be persistently interested, what he is thinking about now. Most men infuriates. If a woman regularly takes her man with this question, he will think that his companion wants to own his thoughts.

When the relationship between a man and a woman was just started to develop, one should not plan a distant future with him. No need to ask him questions about when he marries her and when children appear. After such conversations, the male representative immediately ruins the relationship with his girlfriend. Therefore, it is better to do with it.

It is not recommended to the girl to ask his beloved about who he loves more — Mama or her. It is meaningless even to find out, because the love of a man towards her mother differs radically from the one he is experiencing to his chosen. A man feels in relation to his mother affectionate attachment, and to his companion — sexual attraction.

One should never ask the guy the question of whether he loves her.

It is categorically not recommended to rush your satellite with marriage.

Quite often, girls ask questions to their beloved about whether they see any changes in their appearance. As a rule, men do not pay attention to such trifles as a new skirt, a new powder, so you should not ask them about such things.

Categorically, specialists in the field of psychology do not advise asking a partner about his former companions. Especially since the girls themselves do not like such questions. The most important thing is that he chose it from all. If the girl does not want to ruin a relationship with his boyfriend, then she should not be interested in who from her friends he considers the sexiest.

Psychologists also do not recommend asking questions to guys, as for his conversations by phone. If the guy has a desire to tell his choices about any event, he will tell. Male really does not like when their chosen is trying to keep everything under control.

And questions about their location are also annoyed.