Repair balcony

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Repair balcony

All who have a balcony face it sooner or later, namely with its repair. Someone has always been open and the handrails have rotted the base, and someone decided to replace the old wooden or welded from metal corners. And all this, as a rule, occurs at the very last moment when the owner is already terribly going there (80% of 100).

If the balcony was open and then everything rotted, the first thing is to see if there is a screed plate or it is open. If there is a screed, we remove it completely, and if not, then it is necessary to inspect the slab on the signs of destruction at the edges.

In this case, there are two options:


You need to completely remove the screed, then dismantle the railing. Before installing new railings, it is necessary to make the slab strapping in a circle from the corners and reinforcement. But

For lovers save

Everything is much easier here. Remove the screed, clean the stove. I fix the bottom of the rail with the profile pipe, or the corner. Pipe / corner weld to racks railings and with the help of screws in concrete are screwed into the stove. The same slab in the places of destruction, just pass by concrete contact and with the help of hands in the glove we wake the edges so that they would like the optics all the place of destruction. This promotion can hold out from the year to five years. But in any case, fall off the whole piece.