Role-playing: selection

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Role-playing: selection

Sometimes we need solitude. And the room in the «Very Quiet Family Hotel» does not always meet the needs. And imagine that you are on the mountain, settled on a soft bed, in front of you — the stall sky, the snowy tops of the hills, and most importantly — not a single soul. No, son, it is not fiction, and Starlight Room Mobile Cabin at Rifugio COL Gallina. No neighbors. There is nothing around anything other than nature and panoramic views. And also in the cabin served dinner from traditional Italian dishes and serve breakfast.

Here you can lie at night on warm sand, admire the high star sky and, in the literal sense, listen to silence. And in the morning, jump on the camel and make a couple of circles around possessions. By the way, we are talking about the Great Indian desert.

There is a mass of capers, including any activity of the type of national dance, safaris and all the same camels.

Truly accuming day can be held in the chapel. This option is offered by the Walcot Hall Country Hotel with the Chapel number.

The chapel was turned into a cute rustic house with a spiral staircase and furniture in the «summer» style with grandmother carpets and a library.

Do not worry, no one will beat into the bell. But the facade with the crosses has been preserved.

Do you love wine so much that they are ready to swim in it in the literal sense? But why translate the product when you can just drink it and live in a wine barrel? The hotel Coup 2 Fudres offers the opportunity to spend time in bungalow-barrel. Inside cozy: walls and floor of light wood, small windows, creating natural lighting, and all the necessary furniture. And french wine. Great idea to retire close to Bordeaux vineyards and leaving the curd.

You have always worn shift to school, pleased with the top five and you know that «red light is no road.» But sometimes I want to be dangerous.

A German prison a couple of years ago was turned into a hotel called in honor of the famous American alcatraz prison. In addition to standard ordinary suites, there are small camera numbers here, where the furniture is only Nara and the Iron Table.

Spend the night in the castle, according to the legend belonging to the Count Dracula. Yes, you can in Castel Dracula.

It has survived the situation of the time: rooms with red carpets, pachic bedspreads and curtains, antique furniture, candlesticks and pictures of the middle of the past millennium. It seems to be lying to sleep, and the column itself will look into the fence. To dine. You.

The hotel in the hotel is a very nice atmosphere and plus a panoramic view of the mountains. But as soon as the twilight goes down and red lights appear on the facades becomes really terribly.

As a child, everyone loved fairy tales. It seems to be matured, and the desire to find out in a magic place has not lost anywhere. Fortunately, far and far away in Chile, deeply deep in the forest, worth a green-desicted hill, and in the hill there is a hotel. Wooden pendant bridges lead to the hotel.

Montana Magica Lodge looks like a place of residence of fabulous characters: hidden in the green windows, waterfalls from the tops of a hill hotel, piva with water and rooms similar to the attic. Cracker Peks.

Schedules, chase riding, Salun, Country — Wild West Charm of the West. Remember movies where horses still have a big covered carts with America migrants? Now you will be these immigrants. Only the van will not move.

Utah was one of the largest centers of the cowboys. Capitol Reef Resort has recreated this atmosphere, it has special carts, decorated in the style of the XIX century, designed for four or six people. In the evening you can go outside and sit at the diluted fire, play banjo and shoot in the sky from pistols. Toy.

Once our ancestors lived in the caves and lived very well. Catch, coolness and darkness. Repeat?

The Turkish hotel decided to transfer guests during the time of the Stone Age.

Koza Cave is located in a huge cliff. Rooms, knocked out in it, would definitely please the cave people: soft beds with intricate bedspreads, Turkish carpets, rock painters. You can climb on the roof, sit down in Turkish and watch from the top of the balloons. And have breakfast Pahlav and Rakhat-Lukum.

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