Rubber in the morning: what to do and who is to blame?

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Rubber in the morning: what to do and who is to blame?

If every morning the nose is laid, but during the day the forefront passes, then, most likely, the reason for the runny is allergic to home dust. It is caused by the discharge of microscopic organisms that are located in each house: dust ticks. Their favorite place is a bed because of its warm and wet environment. Rubber in the morning in this case is not the biggest problem. During the night, allergies make it difficult to breathe, and instead of deep sleep we turn around and get up broken.

Also possible reason for the runny nose in the morning is insufficient bedding hygiene, blankets and pillows. It is necessary to wash them at least once every 2 weeks, and in summer or with intensive sweating 1 time per week.

Process mattresses, blankets and bed linen anti-flame spray, or use special anti-allergenic blankets, mattresses, bed linen. After processing the anti-spray, it is necessary to wash the underwear and dry well, because the wet environment very attracts dust mites. Do not forget to quickly exhaust soft toys, rollers and various pads, which are in excess on each bed, and which are excellent dust collectors.

Another proven method of getting rid of ticks is ventilating. In the frosty day, remove on the balcony and hang out all the bedding and, if possible, place the mattress. Open the windows and leave to be ventilated at least for an hour.

And the last way is to get rid of allergies. Let us consult with an allergist about desensitization — an effective method of combating allergies.