Several facts about the bunch.

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Several facts about the bunch.

According to the study, men boost more often, compared to women.

It is believed that this term was invented in 1632. I wonder how they were very bunned then that they called it «wind».

This is yes, this number is not a joke. I mean, if so, then the air must leave my body without asking my opinion.

Now that you know it, you can start filling the balloons accordingly, before any big holiday.

The person will boil only when the digestive tract is healthy. So, if you do not push at all, then you have a problem with the digestive system. So you can be proud that you are a bunch.

Studies have shown that the impact of hydrogen sulfide reduces damage to mitochondria. So, next time, when the guy is on the bus on the bus, you can thank it.

It was noticed that even if women are swept less than men, their fuses have a stronger smell due to a higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide.


3.048 meters per second. This is actually much faster than the speed of running Usane Bolt.

Due to the narrow external sphincter, the gas output is less, which causes a loud noise.


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