Several tips for women how to choose a guy and also for guys what to be (or pretend) so that you are chosen.

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Several tips for women how to choose a guy and also for guys what to be (or pretend) so that you are chosen.

Having learned that for someone in the 21st century could still choose a satellite for life, we, of course, issue an outstanding Tirade. In this case, the adoption of an independent decision does not guarantee a successful marriage. Well, how to choose a husband? Let’s try to figure it out!

I propose to take a partner with a sober, evaluating look. In order not to make a mistake in choosing the future, read the description of the types of men, less suitable for the role of the spouse.

He will tell about himself little and nothing concrete, but everything is interesting for you. Because the information received will help impress. The conversation usually goes on the principle of «adjustment»: he, like you, loves tea with Bergamot and also read feta verses. Lovelace virtuoso reduces the distance between the bodies, creates a feeling that is always near, although in fact it will be difficult to catch if it only needs you. To the casting for the role of her husband, he is unlikely to come: most likely, that you are not the only asking for his loneliness, you will understand before.

This man will not regret your money: Want to the club — please, you wish to the concert of the megapopular group, tickets for which the extensive amount costs — without problems. In such respects, only two problems are a huge number of his «girlfriends», quite defiant with him leading, and Papula, who, in fact, paid for you yesterday’s luxurious romantic date. So my wife choose for a son, most likely, will be the head of the family, and it is unlikely that you will.

This is just more likely to marry you. However, it will be too much. It depends on his negative response, whether you will go to shopping girlfriends today. What can I? Yes, everything, of course! What to do you? Cook lunches and erase your beloved shirts! By the way, be careful, hanging clothes — suddenly under your balcony there will be some handsome, do not prove that you did not even notice him.

Ready for the role of the second woman? Then boldly walk at the mammy son in life. Only if you have a claim to him, it is better to immediately express them to his mom to avoid the effect of a spoiled phone. After all, he will still go to her for advice before giving you a worthy answer! But he is always purely dressed, there is no single fold on the shirts, and it is also very educated. Just be prepared that each of your action will be accompanied by words or a dumb repar: «You do not do as mom!».

With this man do not get bored. Yesterday Skate Park, today horseback riding, tomorrow dinner on the roof, the day after tomorrow you go to visit his friends to the party. It’s not boring with him. Nobody. Just besides you in his attention, many need, and he is such a man — can no one refuse anyone!

Of course, in addition to the above, there are other types, these are described only in order to help you run away from the unworthy partner. But even if your man does not fall under one of these descriptions, it is not worth relaxing: there are things that you need to pay attention to.

It is worth looking to relatives, since me from childhood absorb the model of behavior from parents. If respecting and mutual assistance reigns in the family, with a lot of probability, there will be the same in your union.

Friends are another screen broadcasting the inner world of the lover. Are you comfortable in their society? Do you feel respect? Could they be theoretically become your friends?

Happy marriages between people with a big difference in age and representatives of different social layers, of course, happen. And yet, most of them threaten the decay.

Well, if on the day of salary, he leads you to a luxury restaurant and gives you the opportunity to feel like a queen. But what happens next month before getting the next portion of the salary? Note:

It is important to understand initially, in one plane there are your life attitudes. Does he seek as well as you, to continue personal development? Wants whether to get a family? Who should make money? Take a man and his answers as you get them, do not think that you can re-educate it.

If you are to grow out in the traditions of Orthodoxy, a crystal honest person, and he knows how to inflate the neighbors to receive money in 12 minutes, you can hardly be comfortable together. In addition, the wickedness of one of the pair of life will definitely affect the attitude towards the partner.

«It’s you guilty» — the phrase that infantile men often repeat. The decision for them is accepted by others, in marriage this honor will fall out. All responsibility for the family will also lie on you. Maybe you should look for someone more courageous?

A person must respect himself, otherwise he will not be able to respect the partner. True, it happens that the absence of self-esteem has a time cause. Then everything is in your hands. Helping him to raise the level of respect for himself, you help them entrenched in his mind, as an indispensable, reliable woman.

In rare cases, a man even cheat. And even by vnzryd. But still, emotionality is more feminine. Therefore, if it shows weakness or aggression is rather emotionally, you have a reason to think about whether a man is true next to you?

Perhaps it seems to you that he is not ready for paternity? Or maybe he himself says so? See how he treats nephews and children of friends. If there is no such possibility — invite a girlfriend with an active son to understand how in fact he belongs to children and how will the father become.

Special attention should be paid and intimate communication. Bed is not the main, but important part of relations. At the same time, along with good sex to tolerate poor attitude, the attitude is not necessary. If something does not suit you in sex and correct it, it is better to discuss it with a partner. If you just do not like what he is a lover, and say right, you do not excite you, it is impossible to close your eyes: sooner or later you will look for a replacement. Or simply be unhappy, even if he simply can not approach the zodiac.

They say the opposites are attracted. Personally, it seems to me that everything is the opposite: not finding points of contact, they soon begin to repel from each other. Judge for yourself: if the girl spends time, Lazaia on the rocks and jumping with a parachute, and his panic attacks often happen and the best medicine for him — Mamino jam, which he will fly away from the TV for the program «Let’s get married», can hardly be unused this union Groan the bright, and most importantly, a distant future.

But this does not mean that ideal partners must be an absolute reflection of each other. For the balance there is enough so that in the pair there are 2-3 hobbies. And those hobbies that they do not share, just enough to be interested in being a little aware.

A more couple of tips of psychologists:

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