«Sindrow Syndrome» or why should not condemn other people

17 Сен

«Sindrow Syndrome» or why should not condemn other people

Believe others is characteristic of very many, so much that this tendency can be called one of the common vices of human nature. «The sacrificial syndrome can be called destructive, it drags the trusting relationships between people and the ability to adequately evaluate its own mistakes. To condemn anyone, especially, instead of trying to look for the cause of problems in itself, and, as a result, allow them to be counterproductive and far from always eliminates the feelings of guilt us.

The ego is able to blind a person in many aspects of his life. Having noticed the tendency to shift the blame on other people’s shoulders, it is worth thinking about the magnitude of their self-esteem. The construction of the position «I know better» and does it speak about latent narcissism. It should not assume its point of view the only correct, since any problem and any situation at least two angle from which it can be considered.

Any family, team or community, where people tend to accuse each other are dysfunctional and toxic, this is the cause of constant irritation, quarrels and stress.

Instead of looking for a solution to the problem, a person spends time on complaints and charges, without seeing even the reasons for changing something. Try to look at the situation on the situation and your own behavior before being started in condemnation.

The effect most often just reverse. With his condemnation, a person humiliates the near, forcing him to close and avoid further contact with the cause of its stress. By itself, without the driving vector, the accusation does not change anything.

Often it is a reason to reset the responsibility for your problems with your own shoulders and shifting them to others. It can save us from the need to change something on your own and get rid of negative time, however, the problem from reproaches to other people does not disappear anywhere. And then no accusations will help you avoid unpleasant consequences. Think about it before starting in charges.