Son-in-law — what to take from him?

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Son-in-law — what to take from him?

Lacencing in genes. If the son-in-law of symbols grew in the family on all the prepared, where everything appeared for him «at a prominent velin», it is unlikely to be able to change it in mature years. Is your daughter get to compete with the fact that she will feed the family dinners, and the husband — the promises «is about to» find a job?

There are people who are drawn to difficulties. They fired son-in-law — he lost faith in his strength and does not even take attempts to find a new job. Let the wife help him with the search for vacancies, sending a resume on the Internet, will take care of the appearance of the spouse before the interview. Insecurity is defeated responsibility — let your daughter entrust her husband important family affairs, emphasizing that «I won’t cope with it myself.» Each fulfillment and sincere gratitude of his wife will become small victories over him, raise self-esteem. It will increase his confidence and imagined by his wife a funny rating of strong qualities of your son-in-law — because the truth is said: «In every joke there is some joke.»

This quality is born in childhood, if the child was teased, offended. Such a person is difficult to communicate with other people, find his niche in the team. Possible way out — Find at the first time the occupation that interpersonal contacts will be reduced to a minimum. For example, remote work via the Internet.