Swallowed the bone from fish: what is the danger and how to give first aid

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Swallowed the bone from fish: what is the danger and how to give first aid

In most cases, such trouble happens during the festive feasts. The cause becomes salt, fried, stewed fish. According to statistics, 90 percent of patients who turn with stuck fish bones for the year, they cling to the almonds — stick into them.

In addition to pain, such an incident is fraught with the development of inflammation in the tissues. This can lead to a fuel, because of which finding the bone turns out to be more difficult. Edema also contributes to suffocation: man gets harder to breathe

Doctors warn from some actions that can only worsen the situation. It is forbidden

The main thing is not to panic. The large bone will not be swallowed, and the little one can not suddenly block the breath. Act calmly.

Urgent medical care is needed if

The doctor will examine and remove the alien item using special tools. In the medical office there are long gentle nippers.

Removal is usually without anesthesia, but if the patient is experiencing severe pain, anesthetic is first used — spray with a 50% solution of lidocaine.

To the question, how to be if I swallowed the bone from fish, doctors answer: it is necessary to remove it. Otherwise, the development of inflammation is possible, which can lead to the formation of abscess, suppuration. Out can be both small and large.

That this does not happen, you need to consult a doctor.

Sometimes events were held, and you even visited the doctor, and the feeling of the presence of an alien object does not leave. As a rule, it seems, and soon passes. To help himself quickly calm down, doctors recommend performing the following steps.

When the alien body is eliminated, doctors recommend not to eat for some time if local anesthesia was used. Within two hours after using anesthetics, it is impossible.

Then you need to stick with a light diet. You can eat semal and oatmeal. Several days are not recommended to eat sharp dishes.

In addition, rinsing with antiseptic preparations, for example, furacilin is prescribed.

That the feeling does not deceive, and the foreign object failed to go out, they say

In these cases, it is required to receive a reception to the Laura.

If you act calmly and fulfill recommendations, such incidents will not cause serious consequences and quickly will be forgotten. The main thing that should be done is to come to the doctor.