Tens of bad habits during the show of the soul

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Tens of bad habits during the show of the soul

We all love to take a shower. This is one of the most useful procedures providing a massage effect. But it turns out that everything that we do during the taking of the soul is not correct and dangerous for the body.

Not proper skin care can lead to the development of fungus and other harmful bacteria. Therefore, you need to thoroughly wash your feet with soap or scrub, not forgetting to use a special brush or pumice.

Almost every of us makes this error! In no case can you leave the wet washcloth in a wet room, be it a bathroom or shower. This leads to the growth of pathogenic bacteria and the appearance of mold. It is best to remove the washcloth in a leaard and dry place so that it can quickly dry up faster and safer.

Having accepted the souls, you only need to cut the skin with a soft towel slightly, removing excess moisture from the surface of the skin. Wiping dry skin we only damage the skin on the water.

Frequent washing of the scalp leather leads to a violation of a natural water balance. Therefore, the skin ceases to produce natural fat, useful for our hair. Dermatologists recommend washing their heads no more than three times a week even to those people who have thin and weakened hair.

In order for our skin to receive the most proper nutrition, moisturizers must be applied immediately after taking the soul. Waiting until the skin finally cools and gets free — not right!

If you do not take a shower after jogging and other sports training, then the dried residues of the sweat can form acne and pathogenic bacteria on the body. In addition, it is a mandatory procedure of personal hygiene.

Most people love to lie in a warm bath for a long time or to take a contrasting shower for a long time, believing that it is useful. Unfortunately, from such a reception of the soul, the desired moisture is washed out of our skin. Therefore, dermatologists recommend taking water procedures no longer than fifteen minutes.

Many of us do not know that the hair conditioner needs to be applied not to the skin of the head, but on the tips of the hair. From the fact that the conditioner is applied incorrectly, the skin of the head is suffering — it begins to highlight a larger amount of fat, making hair fat and dirty on appearance.

Having accepted a cool shower after a warm bath, the skin will become more fresh, toned and elastic. This will increase immunity and good mood.

Walking in a towel hair, we break and damage them. Therefore, it is best to light the hair with a soft towel along the entire length several times, removing the surplus moisture.

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