The desires of a person remain unchanged

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The desires of a person remain unchanged

Be careful to desires that another person expresses. This will understand how to make it happy, and recognize when you lie. Everyone has personal desires. If you offer something that contradicts the dreams of another person, it should be remembered: he may agree with your proposal, but will violate this word if possible, when his desire can come to reality.

You do not want to raise your partner’s children, and he does not want to refuse them. If he promises with them not to see, as soon as the opportunity to stay with the children will be introduced, violates his word, without even asking you permission (in addition, you can blame you in your own).

Would you like to create a family, but the partner does not show initiative? Know that everything that concerns the wedding and family life will be your responsibility. Both are responsible for everything, since it is unable to marry forcibly or not marry. However, the partner will consider otherwise: you will be blamed that it became your legal spouse, and in organizing unhappy family life.

Listen carefully everything that the interlocutor says. Especially paying attention to his desires. What does he want? What dreams of? You can convince your partner, make agree to your conditions, but it will be temporary. As soon as he will have the opportunity to realize a personal desire he spoke about, but you did not hear and forced something to agree, he will violate his word and proceed in accordance with the dreams. The desires of a person remain unchanged, no matter how reverse. Listen and decide whether you need a partner with those desires that he has. Do not hope that you can change something.