The effect of alcohol on the relationship in a pair

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The effect of alcohol on the relationship in a pair

Alcohol reduces the ability to self-control. You can do something, what you will regret — for example, say sharpness to your partner or behave not in the best way.

Alcohol causes irritability and aggressiveness if people drink too much, often the quarrels often flared up, and in the worst case, it can end up violence. There is a strong connection between durable violence and alcohol.

Alcohol reduces the ability to completely interpret and understand the words and behavior of other people. It may happen that neutral behavior is regarded as negative and causes offense and aggression.

In relations under the influence of alcohol, they are more accused and ignore. In addition, they are punished with silence, deny problems or avoid them and depict the sacrifice. In such respects there is no openness, honesty, mutual physical and moral support.

Excessive alcohol use undermines one of the supports of the relationship — trust. Not fulfilled promises, lies, care from liability and deception lead to the crisis of trust.

Excessive alcohol consumption

When the weekend go to drunkenness or hangover, it remains less time to

The monetary question often causes discord in the family, especially when it comes to buying alcohol. Alcohol is expensive, and if you buy it in large quantities, a broach is formed in the family budget.

Alcohol, of course, helps to get from solving problems, but accumulated unresolved problems cannot but affect the relationship. Read more details

A drunken man often behaves in the inappropriate way. So the partner has instead of pleasure to experience inconvenience and shame.

Alcohol makes a person impulsive, increasing the likelihood of change, unprotected random sexual intercourse, infection of STDs or unwanted pregnancy.

Alcohol reduces sex potency. Men may have problems with erection. Women alcohol can bring difficulties with the achievement of orgasm.

Often sex with a drunken partner becomes unpleasant for sober half, so alcohol destroys the physical proximity between partners. Read more details

If you feel that alcohol affects your relationship, this is a sufficient reason to

Alcohol causes problems in relationships, but it works inverse: problems in relationships can interfere with getting rid of alcohol problems. So, perhaps, if you establish relationships, then it will be easier to take control of alcohol consumption.

If your close person drinks and it causes problems in relationships, learn the recommendations,