The mood of women depends on the color of clothes or vice versa.

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The mood of women depends on the color of clothes or vice versa.

Our color perception is due to our habits, cultural traditions, as well as nature itself. For example, red increases the pulse frequency. The color of clothing is able to change both our mood and the perception of us surrounding.

The red color is not so simple, it takes to decide and pick it up under his skin shade. Red outfit will give confidence and attract the attention of others. Will it be as needed by another question. This color is a fatal and sexy train of associations. Of course, if you are not in India and you do not have a wedding in red sari.

The combination of red with black has long become a classic. And the white or beige balance the image and make it calmer.

According to the famous style expert

As an opponent of red blue color at the physiological level reduces blood pressure. If a difficult day was issued or a first date is to be left, then boldly try on the clothes of blue shades. So you will be able to create an excellent first impression and an atmosphere of relaxation.

If the shade of blue is quite dark, then the win-win version is to soften it with neutral or light colors.

Another relaxant, which will help not only calm down, but also concentrate. The color is rich in shades and is suitable for any skin type. If you want to focus on green, neutral accessories are suitable. If the green shade is not bright, you can beat it with a bright hat or decorations. It is important not to rearrange.

If you want to impress the mature and confident man, for example, on the interview, put the clothes of violet color. He is able to give a young face more mature, says Jeannie Mai. Also, this color will refresh even the most domestic image. Pastel tones will be perfectly complemented.

The color that is «slightly» and is suitable for absolutely everyone. Black can cause two opposite sensations: sadness or what we are very elegant today. So that the black color does not bring melancholy, and helped feel elegant, just one shadowing detail or ornament.

The color connecting the sunshine of yellow and the depth of red. It is believed that orange is perfect for stimulating the activity and awakening creative ideas. Such a self-sufficient color should not «interrupt», cold or neutral tones are suitable for it.

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