The most unusual shrubs of the world

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The most unusual shrubs of the world

Do you know that the highest tree can reach 100 or more meters, and some plants can kill and devour insects and even other, larger animals? It is about the most amazing plants growing on Earth and will be discussed further.

Real vegetation relics growing in the south of Angola, as well as Nigeria. In their own way — this is a cross between wood and grass. The whole feature of this plant is that Velwichia has only two sheets, although the effect of thousands of petals is created, and they grow as much as the plant itself is growing, adding 8-15 cm each year.

A plant that parasitates occupying the lianas. Do not form roots and stems, leaves, consuming all the nutrients you need from your own plant — the owner. Ruffle’s amazing thing is that during the flowering period, the flower is embarrassed in its size — its diameter can reach a meter, weight is about 10 kilograms. When Raffleezia blooms — it was published reminded the silent of alien ships, but here they are terrible and resembles the swirl meat.

The plant, attributed to the family of pita. It is she who is the largest of all the water lily and was named after the Queen of England Victoria. Amazing in this flower there are simply huge leaves of the plant — their diameter reaches about 2-2.5 m., Is able to withstand the weight of a small child, almost 50 kilograms.

Victoria Amazonian flowers — once a year, no longer than 3 days, throwing it under water — at night the bud pops on the surface and flourishes, and with the onset of dawn it closes and falls under the water. In the very flower, it is amazing not only its dimensions — in diameter it reaches 25-30 cm., And the fact that in the first day of blooming his petals — white, on the second day — pink, and on the third day the flowering becomes purple or dark Raspberry.

This is an amazing plant. Obligated to the family of cacti. The plant itself during flowering resembles a shaggy bear, reaching in an altitude of 2 meters — the desert is particularly impressive at the time of the sunset, when the planet resembles the landscape of the alien settlement, inhabited by unknown creatures.

A plant remotely resembling a mushroom, but until its flower opens. The very same flower is an incredibly large, monophonic color that does not have petals, exacerment of a rotten smell, attracting flies. Often, flies are found in this flower not only for themselves food, but also put eggs in it and larvae — there is enough places to all, because in diameter reaches about 15 cm.

Predator from the world of plants, which catches small insects and precisely from them and gets all the nutrients, digesting them. The flower itself resembles a jug — its surface is enjoyed by special cells, which also distinguish the attractive nectar insects.

But the role of predatory fools perform special hairs, which capture the insect, raised flower insect into the fragrance. Insects fall into the water, which is contained in the flower, and the plant itself highlights special enzymes — precisely in such a natural broth and digested insect.

Another plant is a predator, take more active measures to hunt a potential victim and its killing. Modified centuries of natural selection of leaves — jaws can catch not only small flies and insects, but also snails and even small tadpoles, frogs and fish.

If for the first time to see this plant — it may seem from afar that the forest is in front of you, but in reality it is just one plant. Ficus in its sizes reaches large sizes, throwing out a large number of branches — for their maintenance and requires support-shoots that gradually grow and reach the surface of the Earth, and such a natural way forming powerful columns — supports.

One of the highest and relict, long-lived trees on our planet Earth, since the height of many of them can reach 110 meters. Slow sequoia evergreen can for 3,500 thousand years. Many forest familiar may seem simple grass field compared to the forests of these titans.

Plant known for its largest inflorescences in the world. The ground part of this plant is shortened, but a fairly fleshy and thick stem, in its base there is one — the only sheet is located above — smaller sheets in its size.

It can reach its leaves in length up to 3 meters, with almost a meter width, its rhizome is a gigantic in its size of the tuber, in the weight, reaching almost 50 kilograms. The flowers of the same plants — well, very unsightly, because it is more like a piece of decomposing meat, and the smell does not please — this is a fragrance of rotten fish and eggs.

Here is such an unusual rating of amazing plants — unusual and amazing.

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