The power of belief will learn from smoking.

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The power of belief will learn from smoking.

Many avid smokers at a certain point begin to just dream about to quit smoking, but unfortunately, to get rid of this bad habit, it’s not that simple. On the help of nicotinomans comes the book Allen Carr «Easy way to quit smoking.» What is the secret of the book? Is the word power concluded in it, so great that the desire to quit smoking (and sustainable desire) occurs immediately after reading?

Operating principle. Hypnosis or psychotherapy?

In fact, explain the principle of operation of this small book until now neither doctors nor psychologists or hypnotists. It is probably so non-trivial and simple that some complex calculations do not correspond to reality. But, one way or another, almost all experts speak of the effectiveness of the method used by the author of the method, and many smokers who threw smoking with this book, consider it almost a cult. According to statistics, only 5% of all the books read and could not get rid of nicotine addiction.

Most likely, the book simply allows people to sort themselves. Moreover, the understanding of all its fears, problems, the complexes comes after reading the second paragraph. The subconscious desires gradually disappear, the understanding of what needs to live correctly. The smoker simply finds some balance between the desire to quit smoking and the fear of the negative consequences of such a step. After all, many of the experience know that the mind of a person who throws cigarettes, rebellious, and the body is panic, an irresistible desire to take something, mouth, is possible a set of excess weight, depression, or, on the contrary, excitation. Allen Carr in his book just helps to find the necessary balance and resolve this conflict of psychological and physical contradictions. And the author is trying to ask the right vector of movement, because many want to get rid of the harmful habit, but they simply do not know where to start. Allen simply and affably explains what the first steps it is necessary to take what pitfalls can be expected at what point will be very difficult and how to overcome it.

No theory, but practice

The most interesting thing is that Allen Carr is not a theorist, but practic. That is, he himself was once an avid smokers, and then he tried to get rid of nicotinomies for a long time using different methods and techniques. In his book, he simply shares personal experience, memories of how he experienced the periods of nicotine breaking, as it was difficult for him and how he managed to survive all this. Thus, in the «easy way to quit smoking» you can simply find answers to all the most difficult questions, tormented by a smoker: where to start, what to expect in the first week when the breaking comes and so on. Answers are written in a simple and understandable language, with the leading of personal examples and life situations. When they reread them several times, a certain fracture comes in consciousness, and all fears simply retreat to the background.

Allen Carr — Professional Psychologist

Of course, not everything is so simple, otherwise the book would simply do not work. Allen Carr understands that the problem of nicotine addiction is a serious problem, and without secret psychological techniques in any case can not do. His book is hidden by a lot, it uses different techniques: a method of rational analysis, a method of psychological belief and even imposing method. But, woven into a light narrative context, they are unobtrusive and unnoticed, but they work.

The motto of Allen Carra — Believe in yourself

Another undisputed dignity of Bestseller Allen Carra is that this book makes people believe in themselves, in their own strength, to understand that not only they face similar problems, and all smokers are experiencing something similar, but they cope. Allen Carr confidently suggests that you can find a way out of any situation and even cope with the hardest — with the desire to smoke in a new way.

Pluses of «Light» method

Naturally, you can find other techniques, try, for example, a plaster or tea from smoking, drops. It can be resorted to drug treatment, although it will be clear that the body will be shocked from taking strong medicines. But before you choose, think about the advantages of getting rid of dependence according to the method of Allen Carr.


• lack of need to accept medicines;

• No need to be encoded and use other methods of shock therapy;

• Lack of NLP and hypnosis;

• lack of risk of developing neurosis, psychosis and nervous disruptions;

• Lack of risk of development of obesity.

But you can talk about the advantages for a very long time, best, if there is a real problem, take and read the book of Carr «Easy way …» and everything for yourself for yourself and forever.