The system against chaos

There is order, systematic, legality, constancy and stability. And there is a impulsiveness, «I do what I want», irresponsibility and impermanence. In the first case, you encounter a system in which everything is painted, understandable and worked out. In the second case, you encounter chaos, in which anything can happen at any time.

These two opposites cannot exist with each other. Where there is a law, there can be no place to chaos, and where there is chaos, the system simply does not exist. This is not just some abstract concepts. It says about two types of people who are often found in life. There are people who adhere to the law come as correctly, cultivated, intelligent, etc. And there are people who act impulsively, do not think about the consequences, do not want to obey the system, everyone is done to be free and carefree.

The system has the future you know about. Here everything is stable, understandable, surprises, if they happen, it immediately becomes clear what it will lead to. There is no future in Chaos. More precisely, it is, you just can’t predict it. You can not be sure of tomorrow, do not know how a person will react to those or other words and actions. Chaos carries the desire to be free from everything: from duties, from children, from marriage, from work, from the concepts «necessary» and «should». If you are trying to build relationships with a chaos person, you will always be in tension, because you do not know what will happen next.

System and chaos are the types of people’s characters. There are people stable, cultural, decent, thoroughly suitable for solving issues. And there are funny people, carefree, freedom-loving, sometimes charismatic and always mysterious. You never know that a chaos man will do in one way or another, because he always thinks only about himself.