The use of cabbage leaf for leather, neck and face

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The use of cabbage leaf for leather, neck and face

Cabbage leaves contain a large amount of vitamins and in folk medicine apply quite wide.

In addition to the removal of the freckles and whitening effect, the cabbage leaf is rejuvenated by the skin, smoothes small wrinkles on the face and neck, favorably affects dry and oily skin.

The removal of freckles, pigment stains and the general cleansing of the face contributes to the cabbage cream made of overwhelmed cabbage leaves (for these purposes the most white and juicy), cow oil and water are selected.

Also, the whitening effect has a mask prepared from 5 pieces of cabbage juice, 4 pieces of rowan juice, 1 fragrance fraction. The resulting composition is superimposed on the problem areas of the face and neck, it lasts 20-25 minutes, after which it is removed using a cotton tampon.

The skin will hang and become white, if daily wipe it daily to wipe it just squeezed cabbage juice.

The most popular is the following way:

For a few months, the pores of the face are noticeably tightened and it is possible to make skin less bold with a juice extracted by sauerkraut. For this in the mornings and evenings for a quarter of an hour before washing, you need to wipe the face with this juice.

Tighten the pores and tighten the wrinkles will help the mask of overgrown cabbage leaves with the addition of egg squirrel.

Remember: The effect lies in the regularity of the procedures …