These places of bacteria love most

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These places of bacteria love most

You have already cleaned the apartment, cleaned the car. Do you think that everywhere is clean? There is nothing more erroneous. Here is a list of places that are in your environment where bacteria and viruses are the most. Developed him Kelly Reynolds — a scientist from the University of Arizona.

How often do you wash the sink? Whatever you respond, it will still be a little. According to the American scientist, about 100 thousand bacteria can be located on each square centimeter of its surface. It is a thousand times more than on the inner surface of the toilet. The sink is an ideal place for bacteria and viruses: constantly wet, and we always supply them extra food in the form of food residues from the plates.

A rag for the stove, a sponge for washing dishes — these are perfect places for intestinal sticks, salmonella and various kinds of viruses, such as influenza. The flu virus has discovered 60% of the studied kitchen towels and tablecloths.

Each time you descend water in the toilet, a real tornado with bacteria swears through your bathroom. Water particles (with all that they carry with them) are flying out at a meter distance from the toilet. And this means that they fall on the towel, and to the toothbrush. How to prevent it? Each time you descend water, do not forget what to do with the toilet lid.

How often do you wipe the computer keyboard and the surface of a mobile phone? And now think about how many times a day you visit the toilet, shake your hand, touch any items around you and other people. Output? Your computer and phone is a dirt habitat. And just just wash the napkin with a small amount of alcohol and wipe them.

Steering wheel, gear lever, seat belt, dashboard, as well as seats themselves — all these are mud bombs. And if a child is sitting in a car seat, imagine that sticky knobs of your baby can touch!

Often we treat bags and backpacks with disregard. We put them on the floor, throw in the corner, and then hang on your shoulder along with all that they were nalyuple.

It does not matter whether these are fashionable shoes from Christian Labuthen or cheap sandals, or sneakers. At each exit from the house, the hordes of bacteria and viruses adhere to their soles. It is enough to walk along the lawn, where every day a neighbor’s dog copes need.