Three mistakes when buying an apartment that can become fatal

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Three mistakes when buying an apartment that can become fatal

Buying an apartment is always a big stress, both for the buyer and for the seller. Risks carry all parties, and often these risks are justified. That is why it is necessary to extremely carefully read the documents, listen to what competent people say, do not trust the word. In order not to «bite elbows» after, when buying an apartment under a trust management agreement (DDU), try not to make the following errors:

Do not pass the deposit to the realtor. So for no circumstances. None for a second. No «just hold».

Be sure to find everything about the previous distributor. Check out its capacity and marital status. The cessia agreement must be notarized. See the shareholder only on the signing of the contract of assignment of rights, because he lives in another city — put on himself when it is stumbled on the pitfalls.

Do not pay parts, and do not break payments, for example, half to the account of the previous shareholder (not even a letter of credit, just an invoice), half through the cell. This is a big risk!

Remember that if you once enjoyedly lucky, and the realtor, and the previous salesteller, and the developer (let’s say, not a well-known building, building your first house) turned out to be decent people and did not deceive, the next time the stars may not come together. Good luck with real estate, put a like article — I think it deserves it.