Tips hostess. All about labeling eggs. How to choose?

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Tips hostess. All about labeling eggs. How to choose?

The choice of eggs only at first glance seems easy. In fact, there are many nuances here, about which the ordinary buyer may not even guess. Let’s deal with what to pay attention to and how to decipher the labeling.

Marking, that is, special symbols of red or blue, should be absolutely on all eggs with poultry farms. These are valid standards. It can only consist of a set of letters and numbers. Total in marking two characters. The first is the shelf life of the egg, the second is its weight.


Table egg

In fact, the difference between the eggs «D» and «C» is small. It depends solely on the freshness of the product. All diet eggs that did not have time to buy for 7 days, easily become a dotna. By the way, the table egg is cleaned much easier, because a sufficient amount of air has time to accumulate inside it. It enters through the pores in the shell and creates a so-called air bag, thanks to which shells literally bounce off from boiled protein.

The weight of the egg determines its category. It is indicated on the shell in the form of numbers or letters. The more digit, the smaller the egg itself.

3 category

2 category

1 category

For the designation of large eggs use letters.


Higher category

The weight of the egg does not affect its taste. At least, scientific evidence does not exist. However, large eggs are more expensive. Although many believe that the smaller the egg, the natural one was the feed that was fed the chicken.

If you buy imported eggs, their size will be displayed in latin letters in marking:

Other inscriptions are often present on eggs. «Rustic», «Universal», «iodinated», «vitamin» and even «fitness» — which you just won’t meet on the shelves of the supermarket.

And they call it «Creating a product with specified properties.» The question of choice, which egg to acquire, leave for an independent study. Let’s just say that disputes that this is: real benefits or marketing tricks, and to this day.

And here, too, have his tricks. The bright yellow color of the middle of the eggs, as a rule, give fresh air and freebies of chickens.

Factory chickens that feed on special mixing devices carry eggs with a light yellow yolk. He acquired brightness in the race for sales due to the introduction of special painting supplements into the diet.

What should I pay attention to when choosing eggs other than labeling? First, the color of the product. It should be natural and pleasant. There are no differences in the chemical composition and the food properties of white and brown eggs.

Secondly, on the packaging. There may be an inscription «Bio», «Eco» or «Organic».

If you buy imported eggs, it is most likely the chickens were really grown on the natural stern enriched with chlorophyll, and allowed them to walk freely.

Third, shell. It can be both smooth and rough. Laboratory studies conducted by robustic specialists denied the view that the rough shell testifies to the low quality of the egg. According to scientists, there is no relationship between the texture of the shell and food qualities of the egg.

The actual value when choosing a good egg has only the following factors:

Whatever egg you have acquired, it is recommended to wash well with soap before cooking and store away from products with a sharp and strong smell, since the egg absorbs all the flavors like a sponge.

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