Top 10 of the most durable metals in the world

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Top 10 of the most durable metals in the world

Metals in everyday life began to apply in antiquity. Copper was the first element that began to use a person, since in nature it was just to find, and it was easily processed. It is no coincidence that archaeologists found numerous items made from copper.

During its development, people learned how to make alloys from which the tools were manufactured, and then weapons. Nowadays, studies are conducted to identify the strongest metals. Let’s learn more about the properties and use of the ten most durable metals in the world.

It is called the metal of the future, since the final place in the lives of people has not yet been determined. Man quickly appreciated his best qualities. Titanium light and high-strength, resistant to high temperatures, is distinguished by low density, resistance to corrosion. Application Scope: Aviation Technology and Rocket Industry, Shipbuilding. Titanium alloys have great prospects of application, but constrained its high cost and insufficient prevalence.

The most common metal is highly durable, in the usual conditions weakly radioactive. Detection of uranium scientists is considered to open a planetary scale. It is endowed with paramagnetic properties, flexible, dust and relatively plastic, thanks to such qualities, there was an application in a variety of industrial areas: it is the basis for nuclear weapons, uranium compounds are used in the production of glass, as dyes.

It is characterized by high refractory, also belongs to the strongest metals on the planet Earth. Being a solid element of white-gray color with a characteristic gloss, high-strength tungsten, refractory, resistant to the effects of acid and alkaline medium. It is endowed with hardware, with raising temperatures W, self-heated, and is also stretched into a thin thread used in the lamps.

Paramagnetic rhenium, one of the more «heavy» elements of high density (21.03 g / cm3). On Earth Re exists in its pure form, especially significant content in the form of impurities in molybdenite to 0.5%. Vividly pronounced properties Re are the highest strength, heat resistance, characterized by refractory, resistance to oxidation, plasticity, low corrosion when exposed to many chemicals. Rhenium is an expensive metal. Application areas are diverse: electronics, rocket education, aircraft manufacturing (for example, production of spare parts for supersonic fighters), metallurgical industry, medicine, shipbuilding.

Metal silver-light color, casting blue. Entering a group of platinoids, is considered one of the more dense elements. Characterized by hardness. OS is a fragile metal, but it is characterized by resistance to mechanical exposure and the effect of acidic medium. Scientists are witnessed the presence of osmium in metal meteorites. By forming the perfect composition with other elements, we received widespread use in medicine, electronics, chemistry and petrochemistry, rocket art, found a wide application in the production of handles.

Metal gray with a silver tint, acquiring a matte tint when mixing with air, due to the formation of an oxide film. Metal characterized by hardness, high toxic. In contrast to other metals, it is perfectly carried out and is characterized by low electrical resistance. Possessing unique properties, BE has been used in an aerospace region, rocket life, nuclear power, metallurgical industry, nuclear energy, laser technology. Considering the high hardness of it, it is used to obtain alloying alloys, materials that differ in refractory qualities.

Chrome — metal white and blue. It is characterized by high strength, hardness, pronounced magnetic properties, is not subjected to hydrogen embrittlement, resistant to the effect of acid and alkaline medium. It is used, creating various alloys, and those in turn are in demand for the manufacture of medical equipment. In addition, CR is used in the synthesis of artificial rubies, chromium chromium salts are used to preserve wood and tossing leather.

Tantalum enters the top three fastest elements on Earth. It is characterized by gray-metallic color with silver glitter, high hardness and atomic density. The oxide film generated from above gives it a lead sampling. Despite the high hardness and strength, this metal is characterized by plasticity, and according to such a quality with gold. Metal refractory, resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Found active use in metallurgy, construction of energy plants, chemical industries.

The name of the 2nd metal strength in ancient language means Russia. Metal has a silver color, refers to platinoids, is contained in muscle tissues in all creatures living on Earth. High-strength metal, solid, refractory, has resistance to chemicals, is able to form comprehensive compounds. Ruthenium is used in space industry, medicine, electronics, as an additive that gives gold black.

The leader among all metals with high strength are iridium. The solid and refractory element of gray-white color belongs to platinum. Today, it is almost never found on the surface of the Earth, but it is often found in compounds with osmism. Due to the hardness, the impact on the metal is difficult, and therefore processing, racks under the influence of chemicals. Its value in everyday life is very large. Iridium is used to give such metals such as titanium, chrome and tungsten better resistance to the effect of acid and alkaline medium. It is used for the manufacture of thermocouples, fuel tanks, thermoelectric generators, in medicine, found widespread use for alloys with platinum at jewelers.

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