Top 10: People who claim to be travelers in time

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Top 10: People who claim to be travelers in time

Although the possibility of traveling over time is doubts, there were people who argued that they traveled into the past, the future, or even in parallel universes. One of the common arguments against traveling in the past is that such travels can change the past. If you return back in time and kill your parents, what will happen to you? Will you die or just disappear?

The allegations of travel travel in the future are more realistic and plausible, since the future is unknown. Some of those who argue that he traveled to the future is given even certain forecasts to confirm their stories. These predictions are all that is needed to confirm their stories if they, of course come true. Even when they do not, travelers in time may argue that they prevented an event or forced us to prevent it, just told us about him.

John Worth (John Titor)

On November 2, 2000, John Titor published a message on the Internet forum that he is a time traveler who arrived from 2036. Titors argued that he arrived in 1975 to pick up the IBM 5100 computer and stayed in 2000 for «personal reasons». To prove that he is a real time traveler, Titor added photos of his time car and said that she was made by General Electric.

Titors argued that in 2004 the civil war broke out in the USA, which moved to a nuclear war with Russia, as a result of which millions of people died. He, allegedly, was an employee of the military unit, which was declared in the past to get important items necessary for the survival of humanity. He was charged to get the IBM 5100 computer required to troubleshoot the machine used in 2036.

In addition to warning about the Civil War, the titler predicted that the Olympiads in 2004 would not and that the West will fall apart in 2005. In the same year, the outbreak of cow rabies will begin, and whoever would be president, he will try to imitate Abraham Lincoln. Titor suggested bringing someone to the future with me, but his predictions were not confirmed, and in March 2001 he himself disappeared.

In 2009, John Houston (John Hughston) from the Hoax Hunter show suggested that the Titor was actually Larry’s brothers (Larry) and John Rick Haber (John Rick Haber). Nevertheless, some believe that the titler existed in fact and must have prevented a civil war, indirectly warning the US government when he fought this in 2000. In addition, the Titor mentioned that, having traveled to the past, he created a «peaceful line of development of the future» and changed the story. In fact, he argued that he had witnessed certain changes in history, such as victory in a football match of another team, instead of the one that won in it originally.


Andrew Basyago is a lawyer from Seattle and another traveler in time that felt about it. He not only argued that he traveled to the future, but also argued that he traveled to the past and Mars. Basyago said that she went to Mars in 1981 together with teenagers Barack Obama and William Stillings (William Stillings), who participated in the program of promising research projects of the US Department of Defense (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to create a time machine.

Basyago argued that the project under the codenate name Pegasus (Pegasus) acted in the period from 1968 to 1972, and led to the creation of a real time car. Basyago argued that she took advantage of the trip to the trip in 1863, where he listened to one of the speeches of Abraham Lincoln, as well as in 2054. He added that the US government often used this machine to deploy military units to change the past or future at its discretion.

Unlike other travelers in time, Basyago did not provide us with any predictions of the future, except that he will be president between 2016 and 2028. Some do not believe the statements of Basyago on interplanetary travel and travel time, since all this could be a trick, To make the famous book that he wrote at that time. On the other hand, the book can become another revelation of its statements. Unless they are true.

Bryant Johnson (Bryant Johnson)

In 2017, police officers in Casper (Casper), Wyoming, collided with a drunken man wandering through the streets. They were Bryant Johnson, who argued, is a time traveler from 2048. Johnson said that he went to 2017 to warn us about the invasion of aliens, which should have happened in 2018. He said that he originally intended to go to 2018, but arrived a year earlier, because the aliens were given it.

He even demanded that he would allow to talk to the «President of the City» to prevent him about the upcoming invasion. Johnson’s time statement about time was a cover to avoid accusations of alcohol in a public place. The officers did not perceive it seriously and quickly arrested the «traveler». They stated that he was so drunk that his eyes were pouring blood, and he could not speak normally.

Noah claimed that he arrived from 2030. In a video published on Youtube, he says that artificial intelligence mastered the world, Bitcoin became a challenge, and as a result of climate change, North America was heated, and Europe cooled. He added that the electric vehicles became more reliable, and that people are already traveling to Mars and found a cure for some types of cancer.

The strangest of his predictions concerned President Donald Trump. Noah said that after the victory in the elections in 2020, Trump will change its name on Ilan Remikie (Ilana Remikee). Noah’s statements remain controversial, as he did not provide any evidence. He argued that he could not provide them because of the «paradox phenomenon», which would still not allow people to believe him.

For his first video followed the others in which he allegedly passed the test on the detector of a lie to confirm that he says the truth. We say «allegedly» because the detector did not hit the frame. Noah was impossible to learn in the frame, since his face was blurred, and the voice was changed. His video was posted on Apex TV, the YouTube channel, known what videos of people applying for the title of «time travelers» are exhibited there.

William Taylor (William Taylor)

William Taylor argued that he traveled from 2005 in 3000 and, finally, in 8973, before returning to now. He argued that British Intelligence Agency (British Intelligence Agency) worked, and he was sent to the future as part of an experiment on traveling time over which the agency worked since 1981. At first he went for 3000, during the period when people no longer went on the ground, and instead were moving on aircraft.

Later he went to 8973, where there is no disease, death, wars and crime. All people are high and slim with big heads and eyes and peacefully coexist next to robots and cyborgs. Taylor hinted that in the future, traveling time is quite normal, since no one was surprised when he mentioned that he was a traveler in time. He argued that he met another traveler in time from 2055.

Also Taylor provided some information about the estimated project of the British government, related to time travel. He said that the car allows people not only to travel in time, but also go to the parallel universes. He added that other governments also have their own travel time projects, but they all hold secret. However, the British government will reveal his project in 2028.

Bella (Bella)

Bella — Albanian Lady, who argued that he traveled in 3800. For her story, she even added evidence: Selfie, allegedly made in the future. Bella argued that she managed to go to the future with the help of the Belarusian physics of Alexander Kozlov. She says that the process of traveling in time is not as cool as we think. While traveling everything around smoke, and whatever it uses for a travel to the future, everything caused a very high voltage in her body.

Bella argued that in the future, too, not at all cool. All we know was completely destroyed, robots rule in humanity. Wherever she looked, she saw fragments, robots and dead people. Bella even claimed that he was faced with one of the murderers. He was huge and able to speak and express different emotions on his face. He asked where she was, but Bella did not answer.

Many criticized Bella statements due to some inconsistencies. She said that he took a few pictures, so it was supposed to provide more photos as evidence, and not one only. Even the photo she showed was rather doubtful, although futuristic buildings were visible in the background. In addition, lipstick on her lips was perfectly applied, which is unlikely, if you take into account that chaos reigned around.

Unknown man

A man from Siberia, whose name remained unknown, told that he traveled in 4040. He argued that he worked in a physical laboratory, where he and another scientist cooperated in the development of a time machine. He tested the car and found himself in 4040, when half of the population of the Earth was dead, and the power was at robots.

The man added that the foundation for the destruction of mankind was laid in 2458, when people came to contact with aliens from another galaxy. Aliens lived longer people — on average from 400 to 450 years old — but they have just ended the terrifying war, after which only 200,000 survivors remained. They migrated to Earth in 2460.

After the arrival of aliens, humanity began to develop rapidly. The health level has grown significantly, and people began to live to wait until 200 years. In 3213, people and aliens collaborated in the creation of artificial intelligence. They built a very large computer that was twice as much of Europe, and placed it in the Pacific Ocean. The computer controlled all robots and electronic devices on Earth.

But soon the computer overtook people in intelligence and deployed robots against people and aliens. And those and others participated in the war with robots until 4040, by this time half of the population died. An unfamiliar man finished his time travel history, warning us about the danger of creating artificial intelligence. He said it will be a catastrophe.

Hakan Norkwist (Hakan Nordkvist)

Hakan Nordquist — Muck from Sweden, who argued that he traveled in 2042. Unlike other travelers in the time we mentioned, Khakan did not use the time car and fell into the future completely accidentally. He said that it happened on August 30, 2006, when he went to the kitchen to find the sink. He opened a wardrobe under the sink to eliminate leakage, but could not detect it. He climbed into the closet and found himself already in 2042.

Hakan argued that in the future he met himself on the 72nd. They both had even the same tattoo. To confirm that a 72-year-old man is indeed them, Hakan asked him a few personal questions, and he answered correctly. In order for all the tolded rushed believable, Khakan provided a very short video of his meeting with a 72-year-old version of himself.


March 19, 2003 Portal Yahoo! News reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission — SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission — SEC) arrested a certain Andrew Carlssen for Insider Travel. Andrew Carlssen held a successful trade in 126 actions with high risk, turning investments in the amount of $ 800 in more than $ 350 million in just two weeks, and all this during the financial crisis, when other investors lost money. There was only one way to achieve this: Insider trading.
Carlssen denied participation in insider trading. He reported, he argued that he was a traveler in time out of 2256, but teleported in 2003 to facilitate the securities market. He said that in the future everything is aware of the collapse of the stock market in 2003, and he returned to the past only to see if he could earn quickly.

He never opened the location of his time car, but if SEC leaves him alone, promised to bring certain information to the public, including the location of Osama Bin Laden and how to get a medicine from AIDS. The SEC found the requirements of Karlssen funny. Curiously, but, allegedly, until December 2002, there was no evidence that a man lived on Earth by the name of Karlssen.

Karlssen allegedly charged, but he mysteriously disappeared before appearing in court. Since then, no one has heard about him. Maybe he returned to the future? Or, perhaps, as many believe, the whole story was a hoax. In this story, makes the fact that this story Yahoo! News reprinted from the Weekly World News tabloid, known for its ridiculous statements.


Michael Philips argued that he was a leaving from 2070, and traveled in time in 2018 to prevent the war that would break up in 2019. This conflict, which will turn into the Third World War, will be so deadly that the first and second world wars will seem just a children’s fun. Phillips stated that his mission is to stop the war before it starts.

The beginning of the war will be made at the end of this year, when North Korea tries to launch a nuclear missile in the United States. The United States will be answered by two wicked rockets, and the war will quickly turn into a nuclear conflict with the participation of several enemy countries trying to destroy each other.

Philips also provided some information about September 11. He says that this tragedy provoked another traveler in the time we mentioned: John Titor. Titors went to 2000 to develop an attack plan on September 11. The idea was to create a precedent, which will unite the United States and prevent civil war, which was supposed to begin in 2004 (or, according to Philips, in 2008).

In addition to statements about the prevented civil war and forecasts regarding the Third World War, Phillips also made other forecasts of the future. He said that Trump would win the election of 2020, and Elon Mask will build the first spacecraft for transporting people to Mars in 2025. People will live on Mars to 2032. Of course, the prediction of Phillips about Mars contradicts the approval of Basyago that people travel to Mars since the 1960s.