Touch Switches: Pros and Cons

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Touch Switches: Pros and Cons

Technological progress does not stand still, including in the field of home improvement. Today, sensory dimmers actively displaced standard switches, as the devices have ease of operation, increase the operation of the lighting devices and look stylish.

Light touch switches are products that are designed to control lighting. The principle of operation of the dimmer is based on current adjustment by chip. In standard switches used conventional sliding contacts. These devices that are reacting to touch, easy and convenient to use.

The microcircuit eliminates the possibility of short circuit, so the operational resource of lighting devices is significantly increased. Increased and the life of the dimmer itself. But the main advantage of the device is the management team. Special sensor provided in the design of the switch reacts to the touch,. To enable or disable light, easy to press the sensor.

The main advantages of dimmers with the sensor sensor include the following:

The disadvantage of such devices is only one — a higher price in comparison with the cost of conventional switches.

To connect the touch switch, you need to remove the old device. Then, with the new dimmer, remove the top panel, connect the wires and set the working mechanism in the mounting box. After that, the switch is attached, covered with a panel. As you can see, nothing complicated.

Today, the devices of several manufacturers are popular. One of them is the Belgian company Basalte, which offers several hundred models of sensory dimmers, which, unfortunately, far from his pocket to each buyer.

No less popular in Russia and the Chinese brand Livolo. The touch switches of this brand are more affordable by price, and in terms of functionality it is not inferior to European devices. What to choose is to solve only you. You can purchase sensory switches through the online store.

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