Traders from shops told what goods in stores need to be bypass

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Traders from shops told what goods in stores need to be bypass

My mother’s friend worked all his life in trade, namely, the seller in the stores of products. And he says that in all stores almost the same situation.

She recently had a guest, came to mom on tea with a cake. I also came to my mom. While talked, touched the topic of food. So, Valentina Feodorovna complained that the manual makes all sellers sell the illiquid and overdue goods, and buyers tell that everything is the most fresher, just just brought.

We do not want to make sure that it does not want to do this. It is unpleasant to offer a sausage with which morning mold was written, and cheese is the same, tells a friend.

As she says, in many stores, something that did not work, the suppliers will not take it back, but after all you need to cover. These remnants are distributed on all sellers, and it is necessary to sell it. Otherwise, everything will be deprived of award. Aunt Valya led several examples.

The whole cheese, which in the store did not sell, employees re-pack every two days. This allows the goods to look fresh. If the mold appeared on the cheese, the store and with this problem easily copes. Mold is simply cut, and the cheese is re-packaged. That’s all!

Therefore, my friend’s friend is buying cheese only in the factory packaging, which is not immediately replaced in the store! On such packs and the shelf life, it knocks out well, and the date of manufacture.

This, by the way, and cheese can also be added, since the principle of sale is the same. This is such a way of fraud. Past, overdue sausage begin to let out on cutting. And what is the most amazing — such cuts are flying out with a bang.

Another interesting point is the grade of sausages, which is sliced, is sold much faster than the same sausage, but the whole stick. Moreover, such sticks of sausages can lie in general without any movement.

That is why it is recommended to buy no cutting, cheese or sausage, but entire sausages and cheeses. After all, no store will never let fresh products on cutting.

And the most unpleasant that people who work on cutting, after going to the toilet, do not even wash their hands. This is in front of them in gloves when they see all visitors. And in fact, when no one sees full antisanitary. Therefore, you need a million times to think!

Often in stores, the electricity will turn off, the refrigerator will break, then what other troubles. Accordingly, frozen foods are crushed countless times and frozen again. Well, this is not the worst thing.

It is best to buy chilled products. Just pay attention to how sometimes unbearably stinks on meat, and especially fish departments. Think about it!

This is generally a separate conversation. It’s no longer a secret that the grill is going on the most spoiled bird. The smell in such a chicken is killed by a manganese, in which the carcasses are soaked, and then abundantly fall asleep with spices.

I never buy it myself. If I really want, I take a fresh chicken and cook myself. Tasty, fragrantly it turns out, and most importantly — safe!