Vitamin B3 value

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Vitamin B3 value

Vitamin B3 is one of the vitamins of the group B. From the chemical side, it is a crystalline white powder with a weakly acidic taste and odorless. It is practically not dissolved in cold water and by 85% soluble in hot water. In another, vitamin B3 is called nicotinic acid, niacin or vitamin PP.

In the human body, this vitamin performs several important functions.

He takes part in obtaining energy. It helps to form special enzymes that affect the processes of energy carbohydrates. Also vitamin B3 controls the blood sugar content. All this allows the body to spend the resulting energy evenly.

Vitamin B3 lowers LNP cholesterol levels, which contributes to the formation of plaques in vessels and triglycerides. And also raises the level of cholesterol LVL, which these plaques dissolve. And thus reduces the risk of heart disease.

Vitamin B3 is also needed for sharing and assimilation of amino acids.

It normalizes the work of such an organ as a heart, has a vasodilatory effect, which helps to eliminate the delays of blood circulation, hemoglobin is formed with it.

Vitamin B3 also stimulates the production of gastric juice and digestive enzymes in the pancreas and liver, takes part in the splitting of carbohydrates and fats.

It is indispensable in the synthesis of major hormones, such as testosterone, progesterone, cortisone, thyroxine, estrogen and insulin, which provides regulatory effect on all vital functions of the body.

Vitamin B3 is involved in the process of assimilation of protein vegetation food.

Without this, the vitamin does not cost the functioning of the nervous system of the body.

According to many scientists, Vitamin B3 plays a special role in the prevention of cancer, not allowing healthy cells into cancer.

Vitamin B3 provides man normal vision, supports a healthy condition of the skin, mucous membrane of the oral cavity and intestines.

It provides the work of the most important organ in the human body — brain, helps him function normally, retains the ability to associates, improves memory, establishes healthy sleep.

Thus, vitamin B3 is needed in the human body for normal life, with its lack, various skin inflammations are developing, such as dermatitis and pelalar, as well as other diseases, such as diarrhea and dementia. In addition, a person with a deficiency of vitamin B3 becomes irritable and embittered, his fears, insomnia, anxiety, headaches and dizziness, often people with a lack of this vitamin and lose their appetite at all.

From statistics WHO, it can be said that in 14% of people, vitamin B3 deficiency arises over the age of 60, 11% aged 17 to 47 years.

Its lack is more often a consequence of monotonous nutrition, lack of vegetables, greens in the diet.

Its excess can also harm the human body. In excess of vitamin B3, hypervitaminosis develops, which may indicate the following signs:

With long-term hypervitaminosis vitamin B3, more serious consequences are possible:

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