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Chewing gum can warmly refresh your breathing, but also great spoil your clothes. Due to the sticky consistency, it can stick anywhere, even on the fabric. Some thin fabrics, such as silk, can be flavored forever. Fortunately, jeans are stitched from coarse, dense fabric, which can be restored after «dating» with chewing elastic. Applying a little effort, you can remove this sticky mass with your jeans pair, as if it was never there.

Put jeans in the freezer, and do it immediately as soon as notice the stuck chewing gum. Due to low temperatures, it hardens, and it will be easier to remove it.

Wait a few hours while chewing gum will freeze. After a few hours, get jeans from the freezer and make sure the chewing gum has hardened. Depending on the temperature of the freezer, it may be necessary for about six hours.

Scross the chewing gum with a table knife. Try scraping as much as possible. Start from the edges of the hardened mass, scraping it up. Perform circular movements from the edges to the center until you manage to remove most of the gum in one piece.

Ice cube will help you withdraw small pieces of chewing gum. Let the ice cube, small pieces of chewing gum, which still remained on the fabric after most of the gum have been removed. Then you can remove these pieces of tweezers.