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It is known about the importance of acid-alkaline equilibrium to human health. To date, many sources argue that monitoring the observance of such a balance is very easy with the help of a simple product that is always found in the kitchen. Soda everything head.

What is needed for cleaning the body

What associations do you have the words «cleaning your body»? Did you think, is it important to do it?

Most people will say that they are not accustomed to carry out such a procedure and do not consider it necessary, and they will be wrong.

Answer the question: Do you often make a general cleaning in your home? Experienced owners understand the importance of this procedure and do not forget to spend it every month or two.

Then why most people do not conduct large-scale «cleaning» in their own organism?

Please note: To maintain the optimal level of health, it is necessary to contain cleanliness and body surface, and internal organs.

To do this, you can take advantage of the popular intestinal cleansing method — to use warm water with the addition of soda in certain schemes.

The use of such a beverage is considered a useful means to remove harmful impurities from the body — toxins and slags, and also helps get rid of parasites.

As folk wisdom says: that in small quantities is good, then in large — poison.

This rule should be adhered to and when using the specified simple means.

The very first is the answer to the question, is it possible to drink food soda every day?

You do not need to do this, because the process of digestion may be disturbed due to such a continuous impact on acid-alkaline balance.

Maintain the equilibrium of the body’s interior is normal. Each day, eat alkaline foods — fresh or dried fruits, fresh green vegetables, cereals.


Before you start such a cleaner course for the body, see what the opinion of the doctors about the reception of this powder.

Many experts believe that the soda on an empty stomach normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, promotes weight loss, but it is often not necessary to take it.

Remember that the continuous use of this tool is harmful, because interference occurs in the natural acidic and alkaline environment of the body.

In the future, this may cause internal bleeding. Applying this alkaline substance to treat disease or with a warning goal, do not exceed the dosage and follow the reception time.

Food soda Many people are used as an effective prophylactic agent against inflammatory and infectious diseases, because fungi, viruses and bacteria do not multiply in an alkaline medium.

Some sources claim that for the indicated reason, this alkaline liquid can prevent oncological diseases, but these medical studies confirming this is not.

Preventive intestinal cleansing of soda can be carried out in the following ways:

Soda treatment has features in each case, it will always depend on the severity of the disease.

If you accept medicines, but you want to take advantage of such a people’s means, in this case there is a prerequisite for the use of soda with your doctor. Here are some healing drinks with this tool:

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