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We are afraid of different things: darkness, big dogs, heights, airplanes, spiders, mice and zombies.

And even rushed right in the generic hall. And if the zombies do not exactly attack on us, then there is an emptying of the intestines every day almost in all kinds in the world.

Perhaps someone made it right now — and nothing. We all continue to live their lives and give birth to children. Although it would seem, yes?

Because defecation is a part of the generic process. Even if it seems to you that it will not happen to you with you. Moreover, even if it seems to you that it has not happened to you. It happened, you just did not notice this — and did the right thing.

In general, the emptying of the intestine during childbirth is a natural process, since at the attempts you have to use the same muscle groups that you strain and during the seating on the toilet. No wonder some midwives, explaining exactly how it is a woman to behave to push the baby from myself, they say sacred: «Kaka the child!».

In addition, the inevitability of the inevitable affects the fact that, passing by the generic paths, the child presses on a thick and direct intestine, thus causing a desire to shred at his mother. This pressure on the rectum Many women begin to feel already at the initial stage of childbirth.

Head of the obstetric and gynecological department in the hospital in Miami Dr. Jason James adds that emptying during childbirth is also due to the influence of prostaglandins, which not only help the intestines to perform its natural function, but also participate in the process of launching generic activities.

In general, no. And it is not necessary. Because the fear of the female in labor before the defecation is completely not justified — the staff of the maternity branch in the know that this can happen, so their feelings do not insult and does not hurt. Yes, here they are soulless cynics. People in front of them inside out to be turned out, and at least henna!

Yes, sometimes such a desire for the femalenits really occurs — some in some hours before the start of the battle even begins diarrhea. As experienced mothers and gynecologists say, this is a kind of natural cleaning of the body. However, it happens not always (and some «cleans» in general from the other end).

As mentioned above, during the fights, it is really possible to feel the pressure on the rectum and calling the defecation. You can go to go, if I want it — at the initial stage of birth, this should not damage her mother nor the child.

But remember that the first childbirth is usually not the fastest, so it is likely that at the time of the fence in your body there will be some more waste, which is evacuated by naturally.

In fact, not such she and saving. In many modern maternity departments from the predial belief, they refused both from the routine procedure, since it does not give any advantages.

In 2013, Cochrain cooperation published a study in which the use of enema with an excess procedure called.

In the work of experts, it was said that before the enemas were considered useful: they allegedly helped the child to move freely, reduced the risk of infection, and also weakened the concern of women during and after childbirth (as to what it would be necessary to somehow shock after squeezed out of self a person).

But on the basis of data on genus 2917 women, it was concluded that the enema not only does not reduce the risk of infections, but may potentially increase it (due to the fact that after conducting the procedure, a watery chair may be released during delivery). In addition, cooperation called the enema unpleasant and enhancing the treatment of the procedure.

This will not reduce the chances of emptying the intestines. Moreover, it can occur even before the start of the dug — just because you will stop strain, to restrain and worry about what you can happen. Which have not be avoided.

An even account is nothing, as already noted in this liberation. In 2016, Buzzfeed published the text from the «mid-school secrets» series, in which an exhaustive response is given to the question of defecation: «We are absolutely opposed to this. We are accustomed, and besides, it’s easy. But some women are so worried and dragged on it, which is complicated by yourself. In short, just poke! «.

«Resistance and deterrence reduces the efficiency of expulsion of the fetus and can increase the duration of the duch. I understand that women are worried about the smell, worry that their loved ones can see how they are practiced, but the body cannot resist natural urges. You simply will not be able to restrain the forever, «notes Dr. James.

This is what the individual obstetrician Violetta Eliseeva says: «As an obstetrician, the appearance of a chair during the fence me … only pleases! This clearly says that the head fell very low, and there will be a birth. Not at all embarrassing the appearance of the chair — for this hand there are wet wipes and they are cleaned by «embarrassing factors». I always study at the courses: do not worry about what can be poked in attempts, do it selflessly, because it is much better to KakAk and give birth than not to chat and not give birth. A born child is more important than conventions. «

Firstly, it is not at all necessary that your partner in childbirth is watching the stepion step (although in fact there is nothing terrible or unnatural — just the opposite). Secondly, if a person gathered with you for childbirth, most likely, he guesses that they will not look like a walk in the Boulogo forest.

«In my opinion, this is included in the mandatory program. If I leave me, my partner will see it. If the water goes out — too. If I get up when the child will go out of me, too. Doesn’t you confuse if your partner River when he is sick? So what’s the difference? This is part of the process, «a certain wise mother quotes the project.

Truly. There is nothing to worry about — it’s all the little things of life. It would be just good not to feed any illusions to their account and just work in a team with your body.