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There is nothing shame here, we all often fall into automotive traffic jams and such a problem arises.

The first idea how to get out of this situation: find a toilet.

In a big city, it is available at the gas station, at the subway (if there is a subway) and in the catering establishment. If you have a gas station on the way, you are very lucky. Otherwise, the biggest problem will find a parking space.

If you are even lucky, and you will find it, it may be in the zone of hated «paid parking space».

You have to pay for the toilet itself, if it is at the subway, or, as is customary, for a glass of water or tea to take advantage of the cafe.

Although do not forget the cafe and snacks are obliged to put you in the toilet and without orders!

But it often happens that neither refueling, nor the metro station, no cafe …

In principle, you can count on a deserted doorway, which in the big city now also has become a problem. In this case, it will not be a sin to throw a car where it fell, putting his phone number under the glass, and selflessly hide in the bushes or in the cherished wall.

But keep in mind that if the police are caught up with you, they can incriminate Article 20.1 of the Administrative Code «Small Hooliganism», which states that «a violation of public order, expressing explicit disrespect for society, accompanied by obscene abuse in public places, offensive budding to citizens But equal to the destruction or damage to someone else’s property, — entails the imposition of an administrative penalty or administrative arrest for a period of up to fifteen days. «

Although, agree, the wording is controversial for such a situation, and the article, where the direct text it was said about the punishment for sending needs in a public place, there is no in our legislation.

Another option: to have portable toilets that have long been popular in the West.

On the diversity of this product, the fact that when using some of its samples, you need to use (alas, only small), without leaving the car’s salon.

But do not hurry to frigidly frown, because it is not about some banal jars.

In the United States, for example, invented a portable plastic toilet vessel called Little John. Initially, it was used by disabled and patients with beds.

By the way, the lady «j» adapter is provided for women, and with its help the lady can sing a small need for standing, lying and even sorry, without undressing. The instructions indicate that they can enjoy women of all ages, starting in three years. And this is very and very important for us!

It is known a device and easier — a one-time toilet package, compact, simple and hygienic, which, after use, you can throw away anywhere for garbage. Watering in a volume of up to 0.8 liters in a special, protected from the flow and filled with a recycling means of the internal package, will immediately turn into a gel.

In addition, in North America, they often use the adaptation under the loud name «Unisex Adapter». In essence, it is a funnel with a lid that is screwed to a standard plastic bottle.

All ingenious is simple.

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