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E152 — an artificial dye, which is a synthetic substance. It is made in the form of a powder or granules, mainly dark shades. It has a high level of resistance to temperature drops, as well as to the effects of sun rays. This type of dye is extracted from recycled petroleum products. E152 has a neutral taste, therefore it is used only for staining products, human flavor receptors do not affect. It is prohibited in many countries, including in Russia. Is a dangerous dye. Using E152 can lead to serious health problems.

This additive is used not only in the product production, but also in the economic industry. It finds use in the manufacture of hair paints, also with the help of E152 color various products and fabrics. Some cosmetic agents include this dye in their composition. In the production of fermented milk products, dry semi-finished products can be found in this ingredient. To date, the E152 is practically not used in the manufacture of food. Official companies abandoned this substance.

Scientists are conducting research on the study of E152, as a result of which it became known that this dye has a carcinogenic effect. Because of the constant use of the food additive may occur malignancies. Many people are sensitive to the E152, so causing severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, severe itching and rash. For many people, this dietary supplement is contraindicated, especially if you have allergies to medicines. It should be careful when choosing the food, the label should be marked that the structure includes E152. Especially dangerous for children.