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Sleeping is a prescribed medicine for the purpose of improving sleep. It would seem that everything is simple — take tablets and sleep quietly. Self-treatment with sleeping equipment is invalid, because In some cases, it can not only help, but also lead to various negative phenomena.

For example, the appointment of common benzodiazepine drugs in the treatment of insomnia in patients with snoring and respiratory stops in a dream may undoubtedly improve sleep, but at the same time, respiratory stops can be longer and threatening, and will be able to increase blood pressure, increasing the risk of development of myocardial infarction , strokes and even death. Do you want to risk your health by self-medication?

Many drugs that are used today as hypnotics, often all are purely sleeping drugs. They have a wide range of action and are used by doctors as for the treatment of different mental, neurological and therapeutic diseases. The multilateral influence of these drugs on the human brain is taken into account by doctors when appointing in case of insomnia, and they can be appointed both overnight to improve sleep and day for the simultaneous treatment of possible causes that cause insomnia, such as stress, neurosis of depression and others. Sleeping are better or worse, but have the right to the appointment by a doctor in order to improve sleep and overall state.

The best sleeping pills is a medicine that causes a dream and at the same time has the minimum residual effects or does not have them all, does not cause dependence, does not violate the sleep architecture, etc.

Modern hypnotics, especially the last generation, are highly efficient, safer or simply safe, and are successfully applied worldwide. The benefits of sleeping pills are undoubtedly there, since these drugs help return the dream to people, feel healthy, full-fledged members of society. But hypnotic drugs can cause negative reactions of the body.

Diverse side effects of drugs are associated with their ability to cause drowsiness. Side effects occur more often with increasing age. These reactions are mainly associated with the drug itself. As a rule, sleeping pills can cause daylight drowsiness, headaches, reduced performance, attention (when using many sleeping pills, it is forbidden to go driving a car) and others. This list is wide, you can always miss something.