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You probably know what’s speech.

Though one day you endured until the moment when you «moved».

But if you understood the mechanics of the process, you would have listened to their body.

If you read it right now in the toilet, it is better to postpone the smartphones aside: the gadgets negatively affect not only the quality of sleep, but also on the quality of your campaign to the toilet.

Moreover, a gastroenterologue scientists are not recommended at the toilet: according to Dr. Gregory Torcelson from Pittsburgh University, this time should be a maximum of 10-15 minutes.

And go to the toilet is in great only when your body will persistently ask for this.

If, for example, before a long trip, you want to sit in the toilet «For the Future», so that you will not be worried later, then it is likely that there will be more problems.

If you begin to demand from your body of what it is not ready and strenuous, then you can easily earn hemorrhoids.

Viennes, which are located around the rectum, can expand and cause pain in the case of overpressing surrounding tissues.

The long seat on the toilet gives an additional burden, which leads to irritation and inflammation of these surrounding tissues, and therefore, to excess pressure on the vein.

Viewing fresh news in the smartphone will not benefit either (like reading newspapers), because in this way you distract the body from the current task.

This is how it acts.

Rhythmic cuts in your intestines, which are called peristaltic waves — are responsible for the process for which you are stuck in four walls.

These waves move the stools in the colon. As soon as the chair reaches its end, you feel the need to go to the toilet in a big one. If you ignore this urge, most likely you «move».

When it happens, the chair moves back to the colon, and therefore, when you tolerate too long, the desire to go to the toilet in the end disappears.

With that, it will be more difficult to call it again: the intestine absorbs part of the moisture, and the chair becomes more dry, which makes it difficult to exit.

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