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The transition from automotive internal combustion engines to the electromvigors is presented to society as the only saving task, solving which we are in broad by teleporting in the golden age of unity with nature.

That is, solve all environmental problems once and for all. Is it so?

Alas, if approaching the issue of electrification of transport, it turns out that in some cases it is more harmful to diesel / gasoline. And for some reason, a number of problems simply do not take into account, do not mention, speaking of electric vehicles.

Who is right, scientists or «green»? Let’s try to figure out.

At first glance, electric cars and any other

Environmental organizations propose to refuse to benefit from all other vehicles as intrusive, how to carry out the transition from the usual energy to renewable.

But, as in the case of the «green» energy, Ecotransport

Take your birth today the power plants — on their example you can see the whole «trick» of green technologies.

It is believed that a number of European countries completely moved to renewable resources. However, if you look at the statistics of electricity sources, let’s say, in the UK, it turns out that a significant piece belongs to the «renewable combustible fuel» and «other».

Under the first hide …

Which allow, born in local

Why are they so proud of the achievements?

There is nothing easier:

That is, coal. Which is pretty harmful to mine (according to the latest data, mortality from cancer among miners hits records — there are rumors about the radioactivity of some fields), it is very harmful to burn without filters and is not stored too clean.

Perhaps, only the actual harm of the stove can be localized by filters. And no more.

In other cases, electricity is taken with HPP. It is believed that this is one of the most environmentally friendly species of high-power power plants. However, there are some serious problems:

Therefore, speaking of the fundamental change in energy, Western politicians carefully bypass the topic of increasing the operation of nuclear power plants. But this is a completely different story.

«Green» energy is no less problematic. The fact is that aluminum is used to create windmills, and for solar panels — carbon, sprayed on the substrate. Both are extremely toxic production for nature.



The real calculations of the ecology of kilowatta on a particular power plant with respect to all factors no one has yet produced. It is believed that if the station itself does not smoke — it means clean.


But about this in detail another time. Today we will concentrate on environmental problems of transport.

If you dig in detail in the topic of electric models of transport, an important systematic disadvantage will be revealed: the environmental damage is considered in the amount of CO2 emissions (carbon dioxide).

Naturally, for an electric vehicle, this figure tends to zero. However, this is not the only harm caused by cars.

Moreover, for some reason, a similar certification system made it possible to destroy rather clean diesel engines in favor of gasoline. At the same time, the first allocate predominantly low-octane impurities, soot and CO2.

The second have a reduced amount of carbon dioxide, but hurt the people with volatile seizures (in some places, a ultraxicual tetraethylswinse, which is easily and easily increasing the octane number).

According to current standards, not a general emission toxicity, but the emission of one component is taken into account.

Meanwhile, heavy fractions of diesel and

But Diesel was banned! And now the manufacturers of gasoline engines require an unreal decline in CO2 emissions, which, in general, does not affect anything. And that’s why.

The authors of one of the scientific works compared CO2 release from Mercedes C220D and Tesla Model 3 in Germany. Due to the processes in the battery, Tesla Model 3 throws up to 15 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. When the battery life of 10 years and run 15,000 km per year is approximately 73-98 g / km.

The German energy system by 50% consists of fossil fuels. As a result, Tesla highlights

But the trouble is that it is only part of the calculation. If you dig deeper — «purity» electric vehicles becomes even more dubious.

The fact is that any car allocates not only the nastiness from the muffler, but also many other things.

In the first place, no matter how surprisingly, the remains of tires. Rubber dust has become a nightmare of megacols. Do you think on the windows of soot? So it was 10 years ago, until they switched to EURO 3 and higher standards.

now this

In second place, lubricant and mineral oils. We want whether or not, but the electric transport also needs lubrication of moving nodes. Therefore, let albeit less than from the internal combustion engines, but they still have.

Finally, flavors. «Skyuchka» and other auto chemicals are much more dangerous CO2 — that only the greenhouse effect creates, the ozone layer aerosols «eat». In addition, the useful in them is exactly 0.

So the electric vehicles seriously exceed the car on internal combustion engines only due to the absence of CO2 ejection and fuel development. With an important reservation — they do not do it here and now.

You did not hear:


The usual cars are practically no different from environmentally friendly electric vehicles constructively. Is that steel try to replace aluminum, instead of a gas tank — a lithium-containing battery, instead of a massive engine — Motorcoles or a pair of electric vehicles with copper wire kilometers.

And all this is not fun at all.

The most terrible enemy of man. When interacting with water, detonates with the release of a tremendous amount of heat. While there is water — will burn (good, in batteries it is quite a bit).

But this is not scary — it is terrible that he knows how to take water from everywhere, due to which it is the strongest alkaline metal. Man will burn even ash battery. And accepting it inside, even in microDos, just poison.

Where lithium is mined, the nature of Purellen is finally. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning: no one has learned to recycle all the infinite number of batteries that society generates the last 10 years.

Atomic waste in comparison with this problem of the exhausted eggs are not worth.

Aluminum is a very cheap metal. But its production involves the enormous costs of electricity — so large that all processing enterprises live near HPP or NPP.

Green energy sources do not yet provide the required power, and it is unlikely to do it in the near future.

Mining bauxite, from which they receive aluminum, is also not the cleanest process. However, in China, which is the world leader in the smelting of aluminum, no one thinks at the expense of harm.

According to unconfirmed data, the aluminum industry gives about 20% of the total number of harmful emissions in the territory of this country. We have nothing to breathe in the respective cities.

Any production of carbon fiber carries the smallest dust, to struggle with only filters. What to do with filters later — also not entirely understandable.

Burn? The same ash, only fine and with the content of poisonous resins or gases required during crystallization. Worse can only be in the production of electronics with silicon microparticles.

Both are still not solved, deferred problem. But the waste of these industries will soon begin to seriously affect the environment.

Much more than the exhaust of the car. The only difference is that the gasoline car carries a little harm in the city, and production is somewhere far away, where the white person does not see.

When he sees — it will become late.

It is clear that electric vehicles will become a panacea, it is impossible. In a number of regions, their operation is conjugate with such difficulties that it becomes impossible at a reasonable approach. Like the «green» energy.

In addition, an increase in lithium and aluminum consumption leads to other, deferred environmental issues. They will be made beyond the limits of megacities, but over time will begin to influence the environment.

It is stronger than the car exhaust due to its greater toxicity, which, alas, unlike soot and dust, cannot be defeated yet.

Unfortunately, the integrated assessment of the influence of all factors does not yet exist. And, apparently, never will be: both for gasoline and electric magnitations are their lobbyists.

You can describe hundreds of possible schemes, as suppliers of aluminum windmills sponsor «Greenpeace» and brush the masses on the rebounds. And vice versa.

Only one can state: while the masses are fighting among themselves on the issues of ecology, the relations of floors and other popular topics of the XXI century, governments are silent. Or indulge.

But it is worth trying to improve their existence from an economic point of view — where even burning riot is allowed, and peaceful demonstrations are prohibited by «green».

Makes thinking, is not it?

Waiting for your interesting comments!

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