Water — Living Strength — Cleans, rejuvenates and improves the body. Starvation.

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Water — Living Strength — Cleans, rejuvenates and improves the body. Starvation.

By analogy with the building folded from bricks, the human body consists of trillion cells. Some specific cells make up the heart and vessels, the other — the brain, third — the vision organs, the skin, etc. The viability of all «bricks» is directly related to water in the body — cells live in a liquid medium and obtain the necessary substances. In the same substance, the cell is independently updated. Even with an excess of fluid, the latter finds output with the urine, is not stirring, but takes toxins and harmful substances with itself.

Human nature dictates its own rules: with age, the concentration of cellular water is reduced — the functions of the organs that are in response to fluid output, are suppressed that it stimulates the development of pathologies. When reducing water in the body, the cells are frozen and gradually die. In other words, the structural components of the human body dry up — the process of aging is observed. The scene of the hawk cell replaces the connecting tissue — the obstacle to the blood stream. This leads to an increase in blood pressure and a failure in the work of vital organs.

The deficiency of cell fluid is not only a direct path to pollution and aging of the body, but the weight gain factor. The feeling of thirst and hunger is born at the same time, signaling about the needs of the brain. A person does not distinguish these urge and believes that both signals are a reason to eat. Once again, «replacing» the required liquid food with food, we contribute to the accumulation of fat in the body. To set high fat metabolism, the body has to survive the hunger strike. At the same time, the protein cleavage immediately occurs, then the fat reserves are consumed, which are separate «fatty acids». Water does not have fat burning properties, it helps to lose weight due to a pair of factors:

• With regular use of water from the menu, the calorie drinks (sodes, cocktails, juices) are delicted;

• Water dults the feeling of hunger, after it does not pull on the sweet, unlike coffee and tea.

Due to all of the foregoing of all types of medical starvation, water refers to the most efficient and useful. Its essence consists in refusing any food (including drinks) for a certain period and intake of clean water in unlimited quantities. Such a nutrition tactic is easily transferred, has a limited list of contraindications and side effects. With the right organization of fasting, the human body is cleared, rejuvenates and gets rid of fat stocks. The problem of the methodology consists only that not many can withstand such a test.

How is the body worries fasting?

The functioning of the human body leads to the formation of pathogenic microflora represented by slags and toxins. The essence of starvation on the water is to organize the «Frames», which does not happen in organs of organs with regular food consumption — the body self-cleaning. In the first stage, the system leaves the carte masses, then mucus and harmful components (compounds of heavy metals, allergens, alkaloids). Microflora is established: pathogenic microorganisms in the absence of solid food are dying.

With a regular and long diet, autolysis starts — the process of self-destruction of pathological tissues. It comes recovery from pathologies, the condition of the skin, hair, nails improves. On the third day of abstinence from hard food:

• ½ Part of people ceases to experience physical dependence on alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, some narcotic drugs. Psychologically, representatives continue to «reach» to harmful habits;

• hydrochloric acid ceases to stand out in the stomach;

• To work out the desired energy, the body begins to burn its own fats — goes to internal nutrition.

Three-day starvation is the most soft and safe way to purify. The first day on the water will not bring significant changes: the «baggage» of the nutritional components will be spent on the fulfillment of the usual affairs. In the first 24 hours, 250 ml of water will help to fit the feeling of hunger and maintain the body. On the second day the need for food will increase, a strong thirst can manifest. During this period, it is necessary to drink up to 2.5 liters of water, it is necessary to start with a glass of liquid immediately after awakening.

The complete elimination of solid food from the diet for three days may be accompanied by unwanted organism reactions: person has observed:

• Tachycardia (120-140 beats / min) and bradycardia (less than 60 shots / min);

• dizziness;

• urge to vomiting;

• Time to sleep during daytime;

• fatigue;

• nervousness;

• Migraine.

Unpleasant symptoms can give themselves to know both in the first and in the next two hungry days — the feasibility of extension of fasting is questioned.

The most persistent continues to practice, stopping on seven-day starvations, which translates the body to energy nutrition. On the fourth day, a person feels a charge of cheerfulness, his senses exacerbated, nausea and fatigue disappear. The fifth day is found with relief: «leaves» a headache. Another day the crisis comes: a person feels weakness, a white film appears in the language (it must be eliminated). The aggravation of thrust to food or complete disgust from it is not excluded. The week ends with a tide of forces, emotional lifting. The human body undergoes the following changes:

• the size of the stomach is reduced — the desire to eat with volumetric portions disappears;

• Improves the condition of the skin;

• Daily weight loss volume — up to 500 g.

The hungry technique is accompanied by the appearance of the smell of acetone from the mouth, urine and sweat selection also smell sharply, the aggravation of the flowing pathologies is not excluded. If a person bothers a strong dizziness, a vomiting appears, sharp pressure jumps, hallucinations, flickering «flies» before eyes, depression, there is a loss of body weight by 40-45%, manifested by pain syndrome — it is necessary to get to the doctor. During a long failure of solid food, the appearance of purulent mucus from the nasal cavity and wet cough is not excluded — these symptoms are not alarming. With the right organization of the diet, there is purification, rehabilitation, rejuvenation and weight loss.

What good can be hungry?

People predisposed to a number of diseases, starvation on water is shown in preventive purposes. Among such pathologies: hypertension, overweight, allergy, pathology of the cardiovascular system. These diseases are often interrelated. In the absence of access to carbohydrates — preferred sources of energy — the body is accepted to spend fat reserves. Slimming leads to the normalization of lipid metabolism and restoration of affected organs and systems.

Weekly technique provides leisure of the gastrointestinal tract. In the first few days of abstinence from food, significant changes in the body are not observed, but the digestive system is resting from the regular load, which warns the development of the diseases of the stomach. Energy intended for digesting food is redirected to restoring the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, under starvation, adrenal glands produce a large number of glucocorticoids, anti-inflammatory and immunoregulating hormones. They enhance immune protection, help the body to confront colds.

According to experts, therapeutic starvation develops the regenerative abilities of immunity — this is a invaluable factor in the case of patients with cancer patients who have been chemotherapy or suffering to autoimmune diseases. The described effect was proven during experiments conducted on mice in 1995. Later, the information was confirmed by experiments on people: 16 of 20 patients confirmed the decrease in adverse reactions of chemotherapy during cancer.

Wet starvation can be cured by infertility. The essence of the treatment of pathology with a refusal of solid food consists, first of all, in excess weight. The adipose tissue produces estrogen — the female sexual body, its imbalance is the cause of the pathologies of the organs of the female reproductive system. In men, excess estrogen worsens the quality of sperm — the chance to conceive is shrinking. Fasting on water helps in a short time to reduce weight by 10-15% of the initial indicator, thereby restores the functional ability of the endocrine system.

The reason for the impossibility of conceived is different — the development of inflammatory diseases of reproductive organs. With the immobilization of the body’s immune force during the starvation, swelling and redness are eliminated. Glucocorticosteroids generated by infection, eliminating a negative factor. When infertility acts as a consequence of the obstruction of phallopy pipes or tumors, the diet helps, activating endogenous food — the body is powered by internal components, including adhesions, growths, cysts, polyps.

Weekly starvation is beneficial not only to obese people, but also thin. In the first case, the body learns to independently regulate the «fat stock» — excess fat does not accumulate. In the second, there is a stabilization of good appetite, the gastrointestinal tract and the internal organs are experiencing cleaning at the cellular level. With the cost of sugar and glycogen reserves in the liver, a healthy appetite appears in the liver.

Thus, the correct water starvation contributes to the removal of slags and toxins from the body, enhances the protective forces, rejuvenates, heals the intestines, gives rest of the digestive system, stimulates the synthesis of biologically active compounds, helps relieve weight, restore a healthy appetite. Against the background of profound processes, the body successfully struggles with developing pathologies of cardiovascular, reproductive, digestive systems.

Who does the technique fit?

Daily or longer wet fasting can be transferred to the organism in different ways. In some cases, it is opposed to hungry at all, among them:

• pronounced brain lesion. Stress under starvation — unbearable «wear» for the body with obvious encephalopathy;

• age for 60. Representatives of the category are sick of chronic pathologies, the reserve of the affected body (or several) is exhausted — the abstinence from solid food will lead to undesirable consequences;

• Recently transferred severe disease. The body is deprived of nutrient and energy reserves. Water without full food will not restore the strength of the previously ill;

• Any pathology at the time of exacerbation. At this time, the body needs an increased portion of vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and trace elements. Fasting only aggravate the situation.

An exceptionally water supply mode is contraindicated in pregnancy, chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, gastritis, stomach ulcers, rheumatism, heart failure, tuberculosis, diabetes. Fasting on water is not recommended to practice adolescents (in the body of this age there is nothing superfluous), nursing mothers (the starving woman deprives the necessary nutrients of the infant), women at the age of 40 years (the body is overloaded: experiences hormonal restructuring).

Before preparing for starvation, even in the absence of chronic pathologies and with a good condition of the patient, it is necessary to know the opinion of the doctor against intentions. In the presence of contraindications, practicing a refusal of solid food even for a period of 24 hours is impossible. It is not necessary to follow the opinion of the doctor and in the opposite case: when the patient seems like prescribed abstinence from food meaningless with developing pathology. So, hunger is not a contraindication with progressive inflammation: if there is no cold, the internal resources of the body are activated — recovery is approaching. It also applies to swelling: fasting helps to drive out excess water. Without regular incoming salts (together with food), the liquid leaves the system unhindered. Not included in the sheet of contraindications and oncological pathologies: «Hungry» the body begins to recycle malignant cells, leading the patient to recovery. Thus, the decision on the feasibility of conducting water starvation remains for a specialist.

Fasting on water: reverse side of the medal

One of the minuses of refusal of hard food for a day, two, three or more is the inevitable loss of muscle mass in the process of starvation. With a shortage of incoming nutrients, the body consumes not only fat reserves, but also proteins — the structural component of the muscles. In addition, the hunger strike leads to the washing of sodium, with which the intercellular liquid medium is lost — there is a risk of returning lost weight after going out of practice. The digestive tract rests — the body does not receive vital vitamins and minerals. To restore the deficit, a person will need several months (especially after a two-week, three-week starvation).

The danger of such a scheme as wet starvation is also in the development of acidosis (increased acidity). This is due to the transition of the body to independent «feeding» when a failure of a full meal. In order to provide a normal life of all organ systems, the body connects internal resources (feeds on fat cells, patients or old cells of secondary fabrics). The process of active cleavage of cells stimulates the accumulation of products of their decomposition, the concentration of acids and ketone bodies. The synthesis of amino acids does not do without the participation of the accumulated components — the process of «acidification» of environments starts.

Another significant lack of hunger strike on water is the ambiguity of the results. How the body or a particular body will behave when organizing such a tactics of nutrition, is unknown. The estimated «rest» for the body can turn into undesirable consequences, since it comes to a constantly moving system. The biochemical processes occurring in organs and tissues are subject to a single neuroendocrine mechanism, which without receipt of proper nutrient elements can fail.

A more landmark and obvious minus of starvation on water is a deterioration in the quality of human life. The permanent feeling of lack of food leads to irritability, weakness increases, abdominal pain may appear, nausea. At first, you can expect a weakening of immunity — a person is capable of hagging infectious or colds, an aggravation of chronic pathologies is not excluded. The process of active fat burning is not without changes in a hormonal background. In addition to disorders in the nervous system, the starving the decrease in libido, mental abilities, tone of blood vessels, periodic limb convulsions. For some diet ends fainting.

Finally, the most unpleasant probable consequence of the hunger strike is the replacement of lost muscle fiber fat cells after the cessation of practice. This is especially true in case of continuous abstinence from hard food. At the same time, the addition of adipose tissue is not excluded (in comparison with the state to follow the procedure). It happens because the body evaluates a long-lasting rejection of food, as «black times», remembers the period. Outcome: With each convenient case, the system is trying to scat fat «to reserve» in case of re-starvation. From the point of view of biochemistry, this process is busy enzyme lipoproteinlipase, it transports fats in the «Storage Camera» — subcutaneous fat layer. This enzyme instantly comes into activity at any calorie deficiency. In addition to everything, the adipose tissue restored after the hunger strike is very unattractive looks — this is hated cellulite.

Varieties Methods: 1,3,7,21.40 days without food

There are several types of starvation on the water. They are distinguishable for duration and procedures performed. The simplest technique is a one-day refusal of hard food. The duration of the technique is 24-27 hours. With the reduction of the deadline, it is not about starvation, but about the food burden. The approach is justified under weekly practice and prepares for a more prolonged course of treatment. Short-term (one-day or two-day) starvation is not dangerous for the body: the risk of manifestation of unwanted reactions is minimal.

The difference between one-day and two-day practice nutritionists is not marked. At normal condition, after 24 hours of abstinence from food, you can go to 36 and 48 hours. If desired, continue the transition to a three-day hunger strike should be organized smoothly, watching the organism. If at some time well-being deteriorating sharply, urine acquires dark color, should provide a gradual output. Practice can be continued after full recovery.

For the purpose of weight loss, we usually organize a weekly break in hard food intake. With a 7-day abstinence (on the floor of Bragg), experts recommend to keep a diary: to record the time of water intake, the formulation of the enema, describe the sensations. Usually the technique is transferred to people well, which you can not say about a longer tactics. She implies a rejection of food for 10 days. «Sitting on the water» becomes difficult, first of all, psychologically. Against the background of emotional exhaustion, the deterioration of the physical condition of a person is not excluded — the indicators are important here and the possibility of immediately consult to the doctor.

Fasting duration 21 days (Methods of Nikolaev) — a test for those who have already had the experience of non-strong starvations. Prior to the beginning of the medical procedure, consult a doctor, to pass a number of analyzes to confirm the compliance of physical indicators of the norm. In the first half of the course, unpleasant symptoms are inevitable, which are suppressed by active pastime (walks in the fresh air, contrasting shower, meditation, etc.). At this time, it is recommended to pass tests again. If water is in favor of the body, there are improved laboratory indicators. Entry and exit from starvation are organized smoothly. With a competent conduct of the technique, the human body self-cleaning, destroys pathogenic, dead cells, replacing them with healthy.

40 days — the longest version of the diet. If you comply with all the rules for hungry, at the end of the course there is a physical and mental update of the body. The beginning of the second week of abstinence from food is the time of the acidotic crisis — the blood is as much as possible. After that, the condition of a person stabilizes — the body involves its own resource in the process of nutrition — a person is experiencing a tide. If there are no positive changes after unpleasant symptoms for 12 days, the picture is unfavorable — a person needs a doctor.

What exactly the hunger strike on the water to choose depends on the current state of the body. Elimination of hard food for 21 days, month and more — option for advanced. At the initial stage, it is preferable to practice the method of 24-27 hours, gradually increasing the number of days without food and strictly observing the drinking mode. As evidenced by the responses of the famous people’s fasting, the most optimal in relation to the results and the body’s residence is the weekly abstinence from food: most often on the background of stimulating the nervous system and activating the «internal nutrition» processes, the body is cleared, rejuvenates and is healed.

Stages of water diet

Waiting for a special «nutrition» of due results, it is necessary to competently prepare the body for the upcoming diet:

• in 2-3 days before the start of fasting, remove meat out of the ration, fatty, flour dishes, fried food;

• Include vegetables, fruits, broths, low-fat cottage cheese in the diet;

• eat often (5-6 times a day) in small portions;

• 24 hours before the healing procedure, go to liquids — drink natural juice, grays based on herbs, mineral water without gas;

• in the evening on the eve of the hunger strikes, use the cleansing enema;


Stages of starvation should be brought by the example of the technique, which enjoys the greatest popularity — 7-day. The concept of failure to eat on the seven-day system is invented by Paul Bragg, which advises throughout the entire period of therapeutic procedure to drink filtered or mineral water. The process includes the following steps:

• 3 days to take 2.5 liters of warm filtered liquid and make cleaning enemas overnight;

• On the 4th day, natural juice without sugar is added to the prepared water in a 1: 1 ratio. You can choose carrot, tomato, apple, etc.;

• For 4-5 days, a person between water techniques includes one reception of a small amount of juice in its pure form;

• For 7 days during the afternoon, you can eat boiled porridge in liquid form — this approach will allow the body to prepare for exit from the diet.

Nutritionists used to divide the entire period of abstinence from food into three stages. Origin — alimentary excitation step ( «alarm»). Duration 2-4 days from the start of fasting. When nonconforming psychological training of people worry, it in doubt, anxiety. These feelings are inherent to beginners. Throughout the period of the hungry may suffer from headaches, hunger does not stop even after drinking the liquid, there are stomach cramps, rumbling in his stomach, sucking in his stomach. Man annoyed to talk about food, the smell of food, the ringing of tableware. No thirst, quickens the heartbeat and breathing rate. Urine becomes more dense, the concentration of bile components increases, increasing the number of pancreatic enzymes.

The second stage — on 5 days there is a transition to endogenous meals. A person notices dulling or complete disappearance of a feeling of hunger. He may experience weakness, inhibition, light nausea. The hungry tongue is covered with a raid, the smell of mouth appears, the lips will dry. The blood pressure indicator is reduced, the amount of heart blows is reduced, the blood glucose level decreases. At the same time it accounts for an acidotic crisis — when the state of a person is improving.

The third stage is adaptation and compensation (15-20 days after an acidotic crisis). Ketone bodies in the blood are reduced. The state of the starving good. Hunger is worried less, less often hurts head, the manifestations of chronic pathologies decrease, the state of the spirit is improving. In the period 18-20 days there is a repeated crisis. It is less noticeable. During this period, it is important not to skip the alarms, which will indicate the need to stop the hunger strike:

• An unbearable hunger appears;

• There is no plaque in the language;

• Eye sclera becomes more white;

• After the cleansing enema, water comes out without inclusions;

• Disappear of the ailment, for which the technique is carried out.

As soon as the above symptoms appear, a person who has passed long starvation, a competent exit should be organized, the character of which does not change even when organizing a short abstinence from food.

How to get out of the hunger strike?

At the organization of starvation in the water to avoid abrupt interruption technique and the rapid transition to the normal menu. Exit from the medical practice has to be smooth, gradual. Will often eat small portions and most natural products containing carbohydrates, protein, fiber. Immediately it should have whole grains, vegetables, fruits. Gradually moving towards steamed foods (lean meats, fish), then include some vegetable oils, dairy products. Approximate start rolling ration to the general desk person is as follows:

• breakfast: vegetable salad (rubbing, carrots, fill with citrus juice);

• Second breakfast: a pair of suchers;

• Lunch: Boiled vegetables;

• Dinner: It is recommended to skip (on the first day).

At the same time, it is important not to forget to observe the drinking regime — drink all the same 2.5 liters of water per day. How much it is to eat in the following days, it is worth determining in sensations — you need to saturate, but do not overeat. At normal outlet of the starvation, the body will reach with all the ways to useful food, mainly vegetable origin. It is not worth opposing this: gradually preferences in food and the diet will be fully restored.