What a screwdriver is better — the rating of rechargeable and network screwdrivers

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What a screwdriver is better — the rating of rechargeable and network screwdrivers

A screwdriver is a more modern analogue of a screwdriver, when working with which less effort is spent, and the work is performed faster and better. When choosing a tool, it is important to consider that the rechargeable screwdriver is mobile, but can discharge at an inappropriate moment. And the electric should always work close to the outlet or, as a last resort to the extension. Also matter torque power, the presence of backlight, reverse and nozzles.

Our top 10 best screwdrivers will help to determine the choice. According to buyers, it is these screwdrivers that head the rating of the best in terms of price-quality ratio. So, the technique in 2018 — 2019 pleased with the following models.

The product of the Russian manufacturer definitely deserves attention, at least due to the fact that it opens our rating of the best screwdrivers 2018 — 2019. This 320 kW drive screwdriver has a stylish design and a laconic design. The only model in our ranking that works from the network, which means that it will not let go in the most difficult moment (the cable length is 2 m). Another advantage of the screwdriver is the maximum torque is 35 nm.

Quick-mode drill screwdriver with battery type Ni-CD. Interskol Da-10 / 12m3 tool is sold together with a special case, which immediately solves the problem of storage and screwdriver, and the charger to it immediately. A compact and laconic screwdriver with good illumination is also conveniently used in poorly lit conditions, for example, under the table or when assembling the cabinet.

Another member of our top with ergonomic design, battery work and stable power. Ni-CD battery, which means discharge it is completely necessary. But in the configuration to the Hitachi DS14DVF3 and the second, spare battery, therefore, the break in the work does not have to do.

Good middle price range drill. Balanced design and fastening type of cartridge make it a worthy choice for household work. It does not have too high power, but the declared parameters corresponds completely. Makita 6280DWPLE is the case when the expectations are justified.

Another Japanese aggregate, who earned our attention. This model is a screwdriver drill, also works from the battery, which is charging completely in 30 minutes. Compact tool for quite an acceptable price will perfectly complement the home Arsenal for the assembly of furniture and small repair.

Screwdriver for those who prefer quality tested by time. The optimal version for both domestic needs and more active operation. Included everything you need — from the case to a spare battery, works fine and as a screwdriver, and as a unstressed drill. With the Makita DF330DWLE drill in the work there will be not only quality, but also comfort.

Good technique from a reliable manufacturer. The screwdriver works from the battery, copes with wood, and with metal. Durable attachment of nozzles, operational response to commands, engine brake function — that’s why this model is among the top ten.

This screwdriver entered the top three of our rating top 10 screwdrivers 2018 — 2019 and perfectly established himself and as a drill, and as a screwdriver. It has a reverse and electronic speed adjustment, thoughtful ergonomics and storage case. Smooth adjustment of power torque, fast battery charging and long charge hold — all makes Hitachi DS14DCL one of the best in your niche.

High power drill screwdriver to quickly perform a solid volume of work. Thoughtful design provides durability of operation and stable quality. The diameter of the cartridge is up to 13 mm, the maximum diameter of the tree drill is up to 30 mm.

Pretty expensive, but the standing screwdriver headed our top 10 2018 — 2019. The Makita brand has long established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality tool, and the DDF343She model is confirmation. This is a rechargeable two-speed screwdriver with two charged blocks in the kit — you do not have to worry that the «sat» tool at an inappropriate moment. Works with large drills: when working on a tree, compatible with drills up to 25 mm in diameter, for metal — up to 10 mm.

Characteristic in ranking

Rechargeable Drill The screwdriver is one of the most popular types of power tools, as it is over universal. The device is capable of performing both the functions of the usual drill due to a large torque, and used to twist nuts and screws (as a classic screwdriver). For this, the screwdriver is equipped with a coupling to switch the magnitude of the torque. This allows you to increase the front of the work, from the usual twisting of the screws in hyposprict, to drilling holes in the concrete wall.

The presence of the battery has a positive effect on the convenience of using the tool. It can be used where there is no socket or when the work implies frequent movement of the wizard (wires are constantly confused under your feet or lack the length of the network cord). However, you should know about the minuses of batteries. First, they require recharging, although in most models in the kit there are two acb. Secondly, rechargeable drills — the screwdrivers are somewhat more expensive than network. Thirdly, the batteries themselves are consumable, and sooner or later fail and require replacement (depending on the intensity of operation).

If you compare a conventional screwdriver with a drill — a screwdriver, the latter wins in universality due to the function of the drill. But loses in ergonomics and convenience of use, due to the greater mass.

Also, you should also know about the key parameters of the screw-screwdriver, which should be paid to when choosing:

We bring to your attention the top better battery drills — screwdrivers in categories: light, inexpensive and professional models.

The weight of the screwdriver is an important parameter, especially for those who often have to use the tool. For example, furniture collectors, repairmen. The easier the screwdriver — the less the hand is tired (in particular the ray-tank joint) and the easier and more comfortable to work.

As a rule, the easiest models are those that are completed with lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion). With the same dimensions as Nickel based AKB, Li-ion has a higher energy density. From here you can use a smaller battery weight, while not cutting the duration of the tool. Do not forget about another important plus Li-Ion batteries — they do not have a memory effect, which means you don’t need to wait for a full battery discharge before another recharging (as you have to do with Ni-CD and Ni-MH batteries).

Light screwdrivers are a tool for professionals in their case. We offer to familiarize yourself with three best rechargeable screwdrivers drills in the easy «Weight category».

The inexpensive version of the unstressed drill-screwdriver from Hitachi, the weight of which is only one kilogram. Despite this, the performance indicators remain at a very high level: the quick-mode cartridge is capable of working with rollers with a diameter of 0.8 to 10 millimeters (for metal), idling speed in the peak can reach 1300 revolutions per minute, and the spindle torque is increased up to up to 36 nm.

The Hitachi DS10DAL lithium-ion battery voltage is a standard 10.8 V, and it takes a little more than 40 minutes to fullete it. Among other things, users allocate a convenient position of the handle in hand in their feedback during drilling work, a complete set (an additional battery + durable case with a roomy organizer), as well as competently mounted backlight that facilitates the use of screwdriver in conditions of insufficient visibility.

The next rated place is the development of Japanese designers, an unstressed drill-screwdriver Makita DF330DWE. Makita is considered one of the most popular power tools brands. The quality and reliability of the Makita tool is confirmed by millions of users around the world.

The Makita DF330DWE model is one of the most successful companies in the company. In our top 3, this is the best rechargeable screwdriver in terms of the battery charge speed. From «zero» until a complete charge takes place only 30 minutes. True, in terms of power, the model is somewhat inferior to the leader, showing the maximum torque of 24 N · m. The device is sold in a very convenient and casic case. He is small in size, while everything you need fit without problems.

A distinctive feature of the model is a unique system of attenuation of the LED working area. The LED after the release of the juro is not immediately, but gradually. In the package, there are two Li-Ion batteries, a capacity of 1.3 A⋅ch.

Advantages: lightweight, reliable, comfortable case, excellent design, capacious batteries, fast battery battery, backlight


Network screwdrivers for home have many advantages over the battery models. The main thing is that you do not depend on the battery level and can continuously use the device for a long time.

Rate proposals from different manufacturers and make the right choice in the following criteria:

Their price does not exceed 3 thousand rubles. This is a product that does not differ in high technical indicators. The weak point of the models is the motor. They are not designed for long-term high loads, but suitable for periodic minor houseworks.

The best network screwdriver in the budget category from Interskol has a power of 540 W. It is positioned as a unstressed drill, it is perfectly coping with both fasteners and drilling. The cartridge is quick-release, its diameter is from 0.8 to 10 mm. The maximum hole that can be drilled in steel is 11 mm, and in the wood — 25 mm. There is a reverse mode, revolutions adjustable, the maximum value is 2800 per minute.

The model includes blocking the power button.

The average price of 2,200 rubles.

In the second place of the rating, the model of the electrical network screwdriver BORT with a capacity of 280 W. Torque reaches 15.5 nm. There is a reverse function and torque limit. There are two high-speed modes, maximum revs — up to 1050 per minute. The clamping diameter is from 1 to 10 mm, the metal drill is up to 6 mm, by wood — up to 10 mm.

The average price is 1500 rubles.

In the third place of the rating, an electric high power screwdriver is 800 W. It has a shock function and key cartridge.

With the help of it, you can not only twist fastening, but also drill plastic, wood, metal and concrete.

Diameter of cartridge from 1.5 to 13 mm. When drilling on metal, the maximum possible hole will be 13 mm, on a 25 mm wood, and 15 mm on concrete. The shock function provides 44800 shots per minute. There is a reversing rotation, the restriction of drilling depth, start locking, an additional handle for a stable position in the hands. Turns are adjusted to 2800 per minute.

The average price is 1850 rubles.

Completes the budget rating of a screwdriver with a capacity of 500 watts and a quick-chase charter. Its diameter is adjusted from 1 to 10 mm, you can drill holes in a tree to 20 mm, in metal up to 8 mm and in concrete up to 10 mm. There is a reversing mode. The number of revolutions is 2800 per minute without the possibility of adjustment.

The average price is 1700 rubles.

Prices for Energomash Du-21500:

Here are the screwdrivers up to 7000 rubles. These are models of more eminent brands, but not differing in particularly high technical characteristics. As a rule, more wear-resistant and durable than budget.

The leader of the category is Hitachi shock type drill. With enough high power 590 W it is light and compact. Can drill holes in various types of material. For wood, the maximum possible diameter will be 25 mm, for metal 13 mm, and for concrete 16 mm. Quick-mode cartridge type has a diameter of 1.5 to 13 mm.

In shock mode, the number of shocks is 34.5 thousand per minute. The turnover is adjusted to 2900 per minute. There is a reversing rotation, a drilling depth limiter and an additional handle. The model is characterized by high reliability and stability.

The gearbox is reliably protected by a metal housing.

The average price is 5000 rubles.

In the second place of the rating, a semi-professional drum electrical screwdriver with a hexagon patron under the bit. Power is 230 W, torque reaches 100 nm. Turns are adjusted by the power of pressing the trigger. The maximum value of 3200 per minute, the number of shocks to 3600. There is a reversible rotation. At the screwdriver, an ergonomic shape with rubberized inserts on the handle for the depreciation of the vibration. Optionally, you can add a bracket to mount on the belt. The shock mechanism has a reliable aluminum case.

Around the cartridge is a fluorescent ring that simplifies the work in conditions of insufficient lighting.

The average price of 4500 rubles.

Completes the top three drill-screwdriver leaders with a shock function from Bosch. The quick-mode cartridge has a diameter of 1.5 to 13 mm. Power is 710 W. The speed of rotation is adjusted to 3000 revolutions. In the shock mode, 25,000 shots are performed per minute. You can drill wood, metal and concrete. The maximum possible diameter is 30 mm in the wood, 13 mm on metal, and 16 mm concrete. There is a reversing mode, restricting the depth of drilling, blocking the start button. For a stable position in the hands there is an additional handle.

The average price of 4500 rubles.

Different with high price, from 7 thousand rubles, and the possibility of professional use. Often, the high price is caused solely compact size and light weight without loss of functionality.

The best screwdrivers in the category is the model of the German brand Kress. It is slightly weight and size, equipped with a comfortable ergonomic handle. This is an unstressed screwdriver with a quick-over chipper with a diameter of 1 to 10 mm. Turns are adjusted to 3000 per minute. Power is 500 W, there is a reversing rotation.

The length of the mains cable device is 4 meters.

The shortcomings are not detected.

The average price is 7000 rubles.

In the second place of the rating of the best network models, a shock drill screwdriver is located with a capacity of 910 W. This is a very functional model with a large number of adjustments: reversing mode, depth restriction, start button lock. Drill allows you to drill holes in metal with a diameter of 13 mm, in concrete up to 20 mm, and in a tree up to 40 mm. It has two speeds, revolutions are adjusted to 1700 per minute. The number of shocks is 22100 per minute. The quick-mode cartridge has a diameter of up to 13 mm.

In the case of the device there is a socket for fastening the bit.

The shortcomings are not detected.

The average price is 7200 rubles.

In the third place of the rankings, there is a high-class, functional, powerful and expensive sparky drill with key cartridge. It has a power of 1050 W, allows you to drill holes in a tree with a diameter to 45 mm, in steel — up to 16 mm, concrete — up to 35 mm, non-ferrous metals — up to 20 mm. It can work in two speed modes, revolutions are adjusted to 2000 per minute. The number of shocks reaches 36 thousand per minute. For a convenient position, when working there is a closed handle and an additional handle. The coating of the handle is made of soft elastane for depreciation of vibration.

Reducer box made of magnesium alloy.

The shortcomings are not detected.

The average price is 8300 rubles.

Most rating models have the ability to universal use as a drill, and as a screwdriver. Many of them have a shock mode. In budget models, a weaker motor, less high-quality housing. Premium Class screwdrivers have high functionality, versatility, and most importantly, high reliability and resistance to strong long-lasting loads.

To accurately determine which network screwdriver is better, you need to know the main characteristics for which it is worth choosing and which of them is responsible for what. Even the shape of the body can tell where you can use a specific device and whether it is worth stopping your choice on it, and the remaining characteristics will give an exhaustive picture of its capabilities.

Not all the characteristics can tell how the specific tool will well perform the duties assigned to it. But there are some moments to which it is necessary to pay attention to determine which network screwdriver is better.

Directly shows how much the device is «voracious» in terms of electricity consumption and indirectly indicates its weight and sizes. Depending on the class class, it can be completed with an electric motor per 100-900 watt, but here «more» does not always mean «better» — everything resumes how the screwdriver will be used. If these are periodic work on the house, then high power can also harm, because these devices most often «with character» to which you need to get used to. The optimal will be the choice of a tool with a capacity of about 500 watts — this is quite enough for everyday tasks when using a network screwdriver.

It shows how the bits will affect the screw — from it depends with what materials you can work using a specific screwdriver. For households most often it is 10-15 nm, professional issues 30-35 nm, and in the screwdrivers with a pulse mode, this indicator comes to 100 nm. However, in the latter case, it is not exactly true, because this figure consists of the amount of effort — the screwdriver does not «pull» the screw or a nut in one movement, but acts on it a series of small pulses — this can be compared with how to put on the key and put on the nut To start tapping with a hammer. Such impulses can be from 2 to 4.5 thousand per minute.

When using a tool in everyday life as a screwdriver, this is not the most important indicator — in any case it will turn out faster than manually unscrewing screwdriver screws. If you plan to use the device as a drill, the higher the turnover, the more accurate the drilling and smaller hole will be.

Since the screwdriver is designed to twist and unscrewing the screws, then this is a mandatory function in all devices without exception. Here you need to pay attention more. How to switch the modes is happening — the convenience of the operation and reliability of the device as a whole depends on it.

Most often it is a button near the start key, which takes off on one side and pops up on the other.

But the models can come across with a separate lever, which can easily be cut down. The warranty case, of course, such a breakdown is not.

Many manufacturers in their prompts How to choose a network screwdriver include this feature in the list of mandatory advantages of the device, but practice shows that there is not much benefit from it, as is presented. If the screwdriver with a quick-swampling cartridge and the small coupling case is small, the spindle lock will help unscrew the long clutch and release the cams for replacing the bits.

But most often this function does not use this function, because it is easier to clamp a long clutch with a hand and click on the launch — the screwdriver will spin the cartridge itself. Even if «Monsieur wishes to know a sense in perversions,» you can block the spindle and use the screwdriver as an ordinary screwdriver, but the karma will clearly not add.

It is necessary to pay attention to this parameter if the screwdriver periodically be used as a drill. In this case, the enclosure will be an additional mode switch — to the screwdriver mode (up to 500 rpm) and drills (about 1500-2000 rpm). This feature will be especially useful when drilling metals — the higher the speed, the more accurate work will be performed. There are devices with higher indicators, but this is already a category of specialized tools intended for certain tasks.

Another function moved to the screwdrivers from drills. It will be by the way, if you often use a device for work with various materials, but at home is likely to remain unclaimed — when you twist a few screws, it is much easier to set the desired speed with a church.

The launch button lock is accurately needed a professional screwdriver, equipped with a store for working with ribbons — there is a coupling that spins the bit only after it «hooked» the screw. In the household embodiment, the presence of blocking is justified in one case — if the engine power of the screwdriver allows you to use it as a drill. But at the same time it is necessary to take into account that this is not a direct duty and drill something «until the hand gets tired» or use a screwdriver as a mixer for putty and other solutions, fraught with its health.

Choosing a network screwdriver, the rating of models for itself is quite possible to make relying only on the form of the device. First of all, the ease of use depends on it, as well as the case of the screwdriver partially tells about its internal filling and possibilities.

Most often it is a sign of a budget model, especially if the hull is fully made of plastic. If you disassemble such a screwdriver, it will be discovered that the engine shaft is directly attached to the cartridge. Those. The quality of work directly depends on the power of the engine and the smoothness of its stroke. Often the owners of such devices complain about the rapid heating of the housing during operation, but for periodic short homework, such a screwdriver is quite good. This form of the device allows you to press the screw at twisting, which will inevitably have to do due to low engine power.

In general, this is the same device as in the form of a gun, but the handle is shifted to the center of the housing — it is considered that it is less straining with hand when working. It must be borne here that all devices have different electric motors, each with their mass, centering and other characteristics. How convenient will this or that model is difficult to judge without holding it in the hands.

This is already a sign of a class of professional devices, since the characteristic «PUC» indicates the transfer of effort to the cartridge through the gearbox. This means that the bit rotates smaller, and adjust the number of its revolutions is easier. Even for the «Pusico» it is very convenient to maintain a screwdriver with a second hand (if there is no extra handle) — with long-term work, it will have to do, because the weight of such devices is about 1.5-2 kg.

There are two main types of cartridges: a quick-release and hexagon with a magnet holder — each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is clear to unambiguously recommend any of them only exactly knowing where and how the screwdriver will be used.

Quick-mode cartridge — bits clapped with cams that are tightened with couplings on a threaded connection. This is the most common cartridge option installed on budget and professional tools. Two couplings can be conditionally divided into the top, which is closer to the bit, and the bottom — near the casing of the screwdriver.

To establish a bit to take up the bottom clutch and start twist the upper — the cams will disperse, the bit is put between them and clamping. Since the bottom clutch usually tightly connected to the motor shaft (or gearbox), then you can simply take up the upper coupling and click on the start — the cams will disperse and be squeezed if the reverse is turned on.

The hexagon cartridge with a magnetic holder is constructively easier than the quick-mode — there are no moving parts in it. It is made to quickly replace the bit: here it is not necessary to twist anything — the bit is simply removed from the mount and another is inserted into its place. In addition, this cartridge is easier to establish a limiter to the depth of spinning of screws, which in many professional models of screwdrivers goes as standard. The only minus — the bit may be a little «peel», because in the cartridge it does not hold anything hard.

For screwdrivers, which can be used as a low-power drill, drills are produced with a hexagon shank — they have a cutout for a locking ring so that the drill does not remain in the board after the hole drill.

If a certain screwdrity model is selected, but it is installed a cartridge that is not suitable for specific tasks, you can always buy adapters — they have a low cost and the quality of work during their use will not suffer.

These tools in their characteristics are approaching professional models and masters often use them in those places where much mobility is not required. Often these are universal devices, which makes them a good choice for home use.

The older generation remembers those times when any type of construction work demanded great physical efforts, at least at home, even in industrial. All connections were made manually, with a hammer and nails, or a screwdriver with disposable screws. Currently, the construction instrument greatly facilitates the construction process or household work. One of the most sought-after is a screwdriver. This device has many varieties for all occasions. In this article we will try to find out what a battery screwdriver will be better suitable for your requirements and financial capabilities.

Varieties of screwdrivers of different manufacturers

There are two main classes of screwdrivers:

Power cable device

In the construction or household sphere, many situations are possible in which a good and inexpensive screwdriver will need, but for each case a certain sample is suitable with suitable characteristics.

Example of extremal work of the aggregate

If you need tool only for home purposes, once every two months a pair of screws are screwed down, then a simple and affordable sample will fit. Therefore, to answer the question: what a screwdriver is better, rechargeable or network, you need to decide for what purposes you need a tool.

Big Diameter Hole Drilling

Installation of roof at a dangerous height


The main criterion of this class is power. Undoubtedly, there are other characteristics:

Portable Case under the Tool

Various types of cartridges

Very convenient when you do not need to climb into your pocket

Safety strap

Specialized Holster for Tool

All listed items correspond to the accumulatory class devices, but there are also separate related to networks:

It is very convenient when a tool with a long cable

Characteristics of only battery screwdrivers:

Based on the working conditions, the corresponding characteristics are selected. To work with a tree up to 150 mm thick and a drill diameter up to 25 mm, a sample with a capacity of 750 W is suitable. In the case of working with longer and having a diameter of more than 25 mm drills, for example, when the walls are labeled from the bar, you will need a drill with a capacity of at least 1.5 kW.

A hole under the wedge is drilled

There are samples with a shock mechanism, but unlike perforator, concrete brand 300 For example, you will drill a very long time and there is no guarantee that the result will suit you. Even, it would seem, a simple task to hang curtain, it can become an impracticable without a corresponding tool if the walls consist of a brand 300 and above concrete.

Difficult task for a network screwdriver

The network screwdriver with the impact mechanism is recommended to use when working with brick or gas-foam-concrete walls.

The principles for selecting the device of this class do not have special differences from the selection of network analogs. You should also decide which screwdriver to choose: for homework or characterized by price and quality samples for professional activities. Since when compared, how much is a screwdriver for household purposes and a professional high quality tool, the difference value is so significant that it is possible to buy a sample that combines all the above characteristics is possible for 20-40 thousand rubles.

Combined unit with the possibility of installing ribbon with self-draws

Or to purchase a tool for 1500 rubles just to perform and operate, at home: collect furniture, or hang picture.

There are three types:

Example of battery charge readings

For more complete informative, we will carry out the price rating of battery screwdrivers and network analogs.

The screwdriver is a manual power tool, the use of which greatly facilitates assembly and construction work.

Some devices have a drill function, which saves funds to buy additional tools. The modern market offers network and rechargeable models, differing from each other not only by technical characteristics, but also with the package.

This rating includes the best screwdrivers, which are suitable for use as lovers and professionals. Despite the fact that the design of the models under consideration are about the same, there are tools most loved to buyers and professionals. The data are assembled on the basis of user reviews.

Price from 7 239 rubles

In the ratio of price and quality — this model is the best. Ensure convenience in diverse operation allows two speeds, and the electronic switch on the housing side will help to quickly adjust the speed of rotations.

The device has a shockproof case and a convenient rubberized handle, which does not allow to slip out the tool from the hands. The kit includes the same spare battery.

Of the disadvantages it is worth noting only the lack of capacity of the battery. Otherwise, this model will become an excellent assistant in repair and everyday life.

Price from 6 839 rubles

Easily copes with a large amount of work. Transfers maximum loads due to its high-quality assembly. The tool is very high-performance, used both in household and professional activities.

In addition, this model is a screwdriver drill, which clearly adds plus to its piggy bank of positive characteristics. The weight of the device is only 1.1 kg, so working with it long enough, the user does not get tired. In the set to the screwdriver there are two batteries.

Price from 11 139 rubles

This tool is a real find in the diversity of rechargeable screwdrivers. His weight is only 870 grams! Despite this, it is largely superior to some full-sized screwdrivers.

The device is equipped with a backlit of the working area, an ergonomic handle and an additional battery bundle.

By cons. Users include a small backlash in the cartridge, which is difficult to install a bit and a high price.

Price from 9,049 rubles

Optimally combines quality, power and price. The tool is very convenient in diverse work. Weighs amazingly little — 800 grams. The quick-mode cartridge will allow to operatively change the drills and bits.

A very qualitatively collected apparatus, which, besides, quickly recharges. Charging time up to 100% — just 30 minutes. Has a point backlight.

Lack of model in the hollow of the cartridge and the weak reverse switch.

Price from 6 840 rubles

The maximum number of revolutions in this device is 1500 / min., Which allows you to silently make holes in the metal (up to 10 mm) and a tree (up to 20mm). The device is equipped with two velocity modes.

Compact and ergonomic, with a slight weight (1.1kg), maneuverable and convenient tool.

Price from 6,400 rubles

The model is equipped with two velocity modes, which makes it possible to cope with different tasks with comfort.

Powerful and well-equipped tool. Quickly charging. For convenience on the case, the manufacturer provides special holders for drill and bits.

Of the disadvantages it is worth noting the lack of highlighting and quality of assembly.

Price from 25,690 rubles

Reliable compact size tool is suitable for professional work. Capacity of the lithium-ion battery device 5 Ah.

The built-in charge indicator allows you to monitor the battery and in time to provide a power source device. There is also a stem of depth.

For disadvantages, users include a high price and weight of the device.

Price from 9,450 rubles

This tool forces such difficult tasks like the drilling of concrete or screwing the self-press in concrete. The key cartridge allows you to confidently keep in the bit or drill device.

The model can rightly be considered a professional and high-quality screwdriver. The productivity of work provides functions such as drilling with a blow and adjust the speed of rotation.

Lack of apparatus in a cheap and low-quality charger, and incorrectly working backlight.

Price from 6 100 rubles

The frequency of the impact mechanism in this device comes to 21 thousand per minute and this is a good performance indicator. Shockproof plastic, blocking curric lock, backlight — everything is provided in the instrument.

He will certainly become an excellent assistant in everyday life. The kit comes a convenient storage case. Durable in work.

The disadvantage, according to users, is a weak battery.

Price from 6 390 rubles

The weight of the device is only 1.3 kg. Thanks to this, a convenient ergonomic handle, a tool can be used for a long time. With long work, the engine does not overheat. The model has the function of the depth limiter. During working with plasterboard, the material does not place the material.

The device easily copes with such fasteners as bolts, screws, nuts. Users are noted as convenient functions: electronic rotation speed and reverse.

Based on user feedback, it can be said that this device is very convenient and practical in work.

As deficiencies, some have noted — a short cord and lack of backlight.

Price from 1 199 rubles

A good budget model can become an indispensable assistant in repair work. With this device, you can drill holes, quickly work on the designs of different types.

The model has a reverse that allows you to perform a variety of types of work. Also, the screwdriver is equipped with a quick-sample chamber. 16 degrees of adjustment of the torque, button lock. The weight of the device is 1 kg.

Those who used this model of the screwdriver allocate its excellent balancing.

Disadvantages: The smell of plastics during operation, scant equipment.

Price from 3 050 rubles

Excellent assistant with wonderful characteristics in its price category. Performs your operating functions very quickly. Random inclusion of the screwdriver is excluded because there is a locking button.

Very reliable tool. Its housing is made of shockproof plastic. As the advantages, many marked small dimensions, sufficient power and coupling of the depth restriction, which allows purely performing.

The minuses of the screwdriver include considerable weight and weak torque at low speed.

Price from 2 590 rubles

Compact tool with low weight, but great performance. In the screwdriver there is a smooth start and an electronic function of adjusting revolutions, which provides the productive workflow.

Judging by the reviews of a very hardy apparatus. In its assembly, durable parts resistant parts are used. Even with long work, it withstands the colossal loads.

Comfort in working with this tool provides 4 meter cord, a rubber coated handle, and a switch resistant to moisture.

Price from 5 390 rubles

This model of the network screwdriver from the German manufacturer is a tool that costs its money. Fast and high-quality in work due to high power. Equipped with a drill function and allows you to work with drills from 1.5 to 13 mm.

A relatively small and very reliable apparatus. It is convenient to use thanks to a long network cord and a small size. Equipped with a depth limiter and a drilling property with a blow, which ensures comfort in working with durable materials.

For disadvantages, users include lack of backlighting and a storage suitcase.

Price from 2 320 rubles

Hand tool that is ideal for home. For its affordable price, it has perfect characteristics that have appreciated many buyers. This model is considered a professional tool with a convenient speed switch and a good torque.

The device has a small power — 320 W and more is used yet as a screwdriver with a drill function. The largest size of the supported drill -10 mm.

Well suitable for assembling furniture and frames. Can cope with long loads. As a lack, users note a short electric cord — only 2 meters.

Price from 2 780 rubles

Unstressed tool that is well suited for repair and construction. There is a quick-release cartridge that allows you to quickly change the nozzles. Drill — screwdriver has a capacity of 450 W.

Comfortable work also provides a small weight — 1.2 kg.

Simple and user-friendly tool. The disadvantage includes the absence of a case and strong noise while working at high revs.