What color poop you

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What color poop you

The color of the person’s carts depends on many factors.

This also includes the diet, and the activities of the gastrointestinal tract, and the use of drugs.

Normally, the color of Cala varies from light to dark brown.

In particular, we are talking about the normal allocation of bile in an adult.

Why does it acquire black, green or yellow?

When should it be worried, and when the color of the color of the feces can be written off to food?

Feces are a product of food processing into the body and is formed after passing the latter through the digestive tract.

There are absorption of nutrients on this path, which become available after complex digestive treatment, mainly in the stomach and intestines. In this process, non-metabolized waste is formed, which form feces.

Physiologically, they have a brown color, since bile in the intestine from the liver is metabolized by bacterial flora and turns into bilirubin, and then in the sterkobilin, which gives the canal brown.

Thus, under normal conditions, the feces are brown with shades from light to dark.

The specified color may in some cases differ and not always such a situation is a sign of a painful state.

Cala color, in fact, closely depends on some factors, namely:

Based on medical practice, the following colors of feces can occur: brown, yellow, green, white / gray-clay, black, red.

When excrement is painted in yellow, it indicates the abundant presence of non-fats. Such a presence is a consequence:

Green feces can have both pathological and not pathological causes.

Not pathological include:

The pathological cause includes celiac disease, intestinal inflammation and tumor. The green color of the chair may indicate problems with the liver. With the massive decay of the erythrocytes in the liver, a large amount of substance is produced from their hemoglobin — the so-called bilirubin, which is then entered into the intestines and can give the canal green or darker, up to dark brown, painting.

Significant measure on the color of excrement affect food. Sudden light color of detergents can be caused by abundant consumption of fatty products (oil, sour cream). The same properties may have potatoes and white rice, if on the eve of to use them a lot and without adding other products. If diet consisted of more than eating meat, and suddenly you have eaten a large amount of plant, the fecal matter will be much lighter. When changing the shade, first of all, remember your diet in previous days. Probably, it was the power that caused this phenomenon.

There are a number of drugs that can cause excrement clarification. These include:

Gray color of feces in combination with the urinous color of «strong tea» is an alarming sign of the acute phase of hepatitis. The inflammation of the liver leads to a violation of the function of the borp formation, which becomes the cause of the concern of Cala. When hepatitis, the bilirubin produced by the body is excreted through the kidneys and the skin, so urine becomes dark color, and the skin is yellow.

Such a case implies a disadvantage or absence of bile in the intestine. The shortage of bile leads to a deficiency of bilirubin and, therefore, stretchobiline that determines the brown color of the feces. This situation may be a consequence of blockage of bile ducts or pancreatic duct. The reasons for this may be stones in the bustling bubble or tumor of the pancreas.

Possible causes of black feces:

Why calming is painted in red? Possible causes include:

Symptoms that accompanies the change in the color of the feces, as a rule, depends on the reasons that led to this situation. The reasons as we have seen quite a lot. However, the most common symptoms are:

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