What do chiefs do when subordinate seems to be idle?

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What do chiefs do when subordinate seems to be idle?

Businessmen (managers, directors) are often called lazy. Why? Because they are the fact that they go, look and give instructions. Well, if you come from the point of view of physical work, we can say that businessmen are lazy lazy than their subordinates. But where does the instructions come from? Where does the businessman know what to do and what is the result to come?

Subordinates do not develop and develop business. They perform directly practical part of the work. But here is the development, creativity and responsibility — this is directly the manager. If the business falls apart, it will be guilty, and not his subordinates. If the business does not have its own development, then the one will be to blame for the least of all physically working — the manager. How so? Why do not workers take responsibility for the collapse or lack of business development? All because it is not their business. They just performed, but designs, plans, creates a businessman directly.

In principle, subordinates precisely for this and pay money — for the fact that they embody those plans that generated their boss. If a businessman had performed all the work for himself, then the subordinates would remain without work. And this thought does not like the workers himself who consider all the directors lazy! Businessmen give work to their subordinates so that they could make money. Businessmen create the very work that should bring money. And the subordinates the case is simple — to obey the boss and receive money for the help they agreed to provide.

Businessmen think, and subordinates do.