What do men want to hear?

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What do men want to hear?

Sociologists told that they want to hear men from their beloved woman. It turns out that representatives of strong sex can also love ears.

A man is very important to be a family leader. Therefore, such a phrase, as «you were right,» a very beneficial effect on him. You can use this phrase, even if your man was not entirely right.

More for men it is very important to be necessary and useful. They really like help and solve household tasks. Even if men do not show this. Simple please score a nail allows a man to feel authoritative and important.

Men also need love and understanding. Such a phrase as «I understand how hard you» can help a man cope with life difficulties.

Yes, he would like you to speak it more often.

Men are easy to please, and they are even easier to read. To impress the man, you don’t need much, and many women tend to overestimate what guys really want in a relationship.

In most cases, men turn into plasticine in your hands if you just tell them the right things.

«This time I will pay.»

Most of the time guys must do all the work when go on a date. This includes planning, account payment, as well as leaving for a girl. If you really want to express my appreciation, offer to fully pay dinner the next time you go out. He will appreciate it, I promise.

«And you are strong.»

I like it or not, but each guy has its own side with Macho. Yes, he wants an impression on Senoritis with his power of strength.

If you say it, it melts or even blushes.

«You’re pretty hot, do you know it?»

One of the reasons why most guys envy girls is that girls get compliments much more often than guys.

«I admire you as a person.»

This is one of those compliments that deeply affects many levels. You do not need to be a guy to love it, but most men want to hear this at least once.

«I love you.»

This is what everyone wants to hear at least once, if only because it confirms them and makes them feel that they want. Everyone, whoever you are, wants to hear it.

«Let’s have sex.»

An evil and sad man who will never know about it from his romantic partner. I just want to say that every guy wants to hear it again and again.

«You are distinguished from the others I met.»

Many guys feel that they are attacked when they hear how women talk about what terrible men.

Having said this to them, you can feel how the leukoplaster was put on this wound.

«You are such a wonderful getter.»

You will not believe how many guys are really proud that they are the breadthrough and the head of their family.

«I feel safe next to you.»

Believe me when I say that most men love to hear it. Given that the biggest fear of most men is the inability to help, hear, this is a huge relief for most guys.

«Can we be a bit strange?»

The vast majority of men have at least one break, which they hide from girls whom they see from fear that in the end they will make the girl think that they are rude.

«I respect you.»

Most guys do not feel that women see them equal. In fact, many of them even put them on the pedestals. This old-fashioned compliment will make him melting, if only because he helps him feel that he copes well.

«Your friends are cool!»

Nothing makes the guy think that the girl is «the only one, as an opportunity to get along with his friends. Friends are very important for a man and a girl who supports his brothers, this is a girl he wants to hold.


If you did something wrong with the guy, you should apologize. Unfortunately for men and women, «Sorry» is that we do not often hear people from whom we must hear.

«Dude, you had a bad day.»

Guys, as a rule, feel much more ashamed than women, and it really eats them alive when they do something that spoils them.

If it acts as a fool, this phrase can take a huge weight with his shoulders.

«It was amazing.»

This compliment is a great way to finish:

People live in praise, so praise them when they really do something right.