What do the lines on the wrist

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What do the lines on the wrist

Chiromantia is one of the ancient arts of fortune telling. She really played a very important role in medieval medicine. According to some researchers, the roots of the Chiromantia can be traced to the Hindu (Vedic) astrology, while others believe that it comes from Egypt or ancient Persia. Of course, Hiromantia has done a long way in ancient times, and the predictors not only looked at the hands, but also on the face to read the fate of a person.

On the hands there are lines located on the inside of the wrist. Most often there are two or three, but maybe four. Most people prefer to read the line of life, heart and head. At the same time, most rarely follow the so-called bracelets. In fact, the lines on the wrist arms tell a person about his life. Each of them has its own value.

According to some statements, one such line on the wrist corresponds to about 25-28 years. Thus, from the point of view of the expected life expectancy, two are equal to 55-60 years of life, three correspond to 75-80 years. Four lines on the wrist mean that man is destined to live for more than 80 years.

It goes without saying that this is only one sign. To get a more complete picture, use different methods.

The lines on the wrist (also known as rosette or bracelets) are located where the palm and forearm are connected (the reading principle: men on the left, in women right). Most people have three bracelets, but only some of them are all complete and do not have any additions or special marks.

The line of the first bracelet indicates the level of health and financial condition at a young age (up to 28 years). A sign of good health is the thickness of the line and its direct location. Such signs like a minor width, fuzziness and insufficient length, indicate a weakened organism, but the disease can be avoided if you take care of yourself. If it can be determined as a curve and broken, it indicates poor health in childhood; Attention should be paid to possible diseases of the lungs and kidneys. Such a line on the wrist in a woman can mean the possibility of risks and complications in the first birth.

Also, shelves on it may indicate unexpected changes and problems and inability to fulfill their dreams. Blur means there is no possibility or ability to go through their own way.

It indicates the same aspects as the previous one, but already in adulthood (about 56 years). If the line has a sufficient thickness, length and there are no deviations from the direct direction, it indicates a strong health in this age period and rare cases of the disease. If it is a curve, thin and broken, it speaks of weak health or serious diseases.

Since the first line is the most important, the second (and other) are always considered in conjunction with the first. Consequently, if the first is strong, and the second is weak, rich and healthy life should be expected regardless of the second bracelet. Nevertheless, if both lines are strong, we should expect success and strength.

Weak may indicate financial problems. I broken may be an indication of unemployment or serious money problems.

The value of the wrist line in this case indicates a state of age over 56 years. Line thickness, sufficient length and direct location without breaks talks about good health. If it can be described as a thin, curve and broken, one can talk about the deterioration of the condition and the inability to survive in old age.

The strong line can also say that health and performance will be maintained until old age. The presence of fuses may indicate financial difficulties during this period of life.

She does not meet everyone. This is due not only to life expectancy, but also that this line means a strong influence on others. Some consider it a divine gift, others — a curse. Such lines on the wrist mean that a person has a big and strong family, and it can affect others thanks to his financial or social situation. The fourth bracelet often indicates good luck. If there are no discontinuities on it, it speaks about a long life and pedigree covering many generations.

The presence of two full lines on the wrist means that it is likely that a person can be an office worker, whose life is determined by fate, and not under its own control. Wealth and position that such a person receives cannot last long.

Three smooth sufficient lengths without breaks of the bracelet line talk about wealth, strong health and happiness.

If, in the presence of three bracelets, the first is broken, and the other two are thick, long and do not have additional marks, this means that a person will most likely restore health after a painful youth, which, unfortunately, will deteriorate again in old age.

If the first line is a whole, and the other two are broken and thin, it suggests that a person can only live under 28 years. However, the other lines on the palm should be read.

If all three lines are long and do not have obvious breaks or erratic lines, it means that a person will enjoy longevity and live, at least under 70 years old. He also will have little disease, and among its qualities you can distinguish insight and various abilities. In women, the importance of the lines on the wrist in this case means successful childbirth and many children. On the contrary, if all of them are thin and non-obvious, it indicates a craving for luxury, the inability to achieve success and, as a rule, such a person will strive to live at the expense of others.

People with four lines on the wrist are considered lucky. The fourth bracelet, as a rule, appears from the good deeds of his own or ancestors, it symbolizes happiness and good health.

In the case when all lines are broken, it means that a person in motion throughout his life and will feel lonely in old age.

Island. The islands on all lines indicate a person’s in love, the tendency to waste their energy, which is very much relaxed. Men with such signs have a tendency to kidney disease, and in women in this case there is a deficiency of internal energy (qi), heart disease and lungs. The presence of the island on the first line despite the fact that the other two are clear and without signs, this means that the person at middle age will significantly improve health, career and marriage, despite the problems at a young age.

Chain. If the first line on the wrist consists of a chain, and there are no such signs on the following such signs, it says that youth will be unfavorable, a person will feel the depressed and experiencing physical and mental load. Nevertheless, you can do something if you make efforts and completed the started. If the first line consists of a chain, and the following are two fuzzy, it indicates a weak-like health, exposure of diseases of the stomach, kidney and lungs. Women with such bracelets may have problems with menstrual cycle and diseases of the reproductive system.

Cross. If there is a cross on the first bracelet, this means that at first life will be hard, but everything will be fine on average and at a late age, it is possible to earn a whole condition and have good health if you make constant efforts. If bracelets are surrounded by crosses, it symbolizes poor health and says that a person never cares about himself. In men, such lines on the wrist talk about the tendency to the diseases of the kidneys, and the woman is about problems with the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

Squares. If bracelets are enclosed in squares, it indicates internal diseases in women and life-threatening disease in men.

Deviation to palm. If the first line has rejected, this implies a disease of the reproductive system and problems with pregnancy, as well as abortion and heavy childbirth. If the second and third are fuzzy, this value is only confirmed. If the first line is deflected towards palm, and the rest differ in curvature and brokenness, this means that a person will bring misfortune to his children. If all three are rejected, it suggests the absence of children.

Rales. These marks can be a symbol of physical exhaustion and inability to do what a person wants. If all three of them have waves and breaks, it may be a symbol of miscarriage, diseases of the ovaries, anemia and the deficiency of qi for women, diseases of the spleen, kidneys or other severe diseases for men. In the presence of favorable lines on the palm there is an opportunity to turn failure into something good.

Star. If there is this sign and clear first and second lines, you can talk about certain unexpected consequences.

Sharp corner. If this sign is located in the center of the bracelet, it will indicate the likelihood of obtaining an inheritance or high position in society.

Triangle. The correct triangle on the bracelets speaks about the mind, talent or obtaining wealth.

Straight lines on bracelets indicate fame and a special position in society. In the case when the vertical lines are located under the tilt and randomly, it symbolizes that a person will achieve fame and position through not quite good ways.

In the event that the line of life on the palm of the palm is different, sufficient length, light red color, the lack of special signs and it crosses at least one bracelet, it means a long and happy life.

If the line of fate begins with bracelets, it indicates a heavy life and disappointment. The insufficient length of the line of fate, which ends on the head of the head, speaks about the failures of the career and even bankruptcy.

If the health line is extended to bracelets, it indicates weakness, the likelihood of disease from long overwork, to limit alcohol consumption.

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