What does the «intestine thin» mean, and is it worth dealing with it

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What does the «intestine thin» mean, and is it worth dealing with it

Over the past 30 years, strong people have become a lot. In physical and figurative sense. That is, business, cut, decisive. And cunning and unprincipled. Which for the place under the sun can throw and get the boot on the chest. And they succeed.

And there is a category of people who make decisions not immediately. If they are accepted at all. They are not ready to pushed elbows and go alongside. Not ready to deceive neighbor and violate the laws. It is about such such and they say: «The intestine is thin.» This means that they are weak. So think «strong». And these weak are not so afraid of strong and cunning. They just give way to them. Without resistance. Not finding this or effort or desire. And now it should be fighting.

How many contempt in this phrase: «Purch thin». Yes, the intestine is thin from the guy who fearful to go to serve in the army. Peresnye and quite worthy of contempt by a man who passes by when he sees blatant injustice and rudeness.

And then one rush meanness will pull over another. And the intestine of the subtle look like people in the eyes and live according to the conscience …

But it is not necessary to deal with the «fine intestine» when you are offered to try prohibited drugs or to make a crime. Let the one who offers you, considers you a slid. Your «no», said in response to such proposals is not weak, but proof of the presence of a character.

Of course, it is worth fighting with your cowardice and indecision. But if you provoke you to the accomplishment of any nastiness or meanness, then it is not a little intestine that you have a lot of weaknikov …