What happens if you use a smartphone for a long time!

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What happens if you use a smartphone for a long time!

Currently, a mobile phone is a necessary element of everyday life. But from its very appearance, we have repeatedly heard that the phone «plant» vision causes the appearance of tumors and other terrible things. How to avoid these misfortunes if the usual gadget is so dangerous? After all, most people no longer represent their lives without a phone.

We decided

The World Health Organization refers radiation from a mobile phone to the group of 2V Groups, that is, «possibly dangerous for a person.» However, no studies have confirmed the direct link between the use of the phone and the occurrence of cancer or other tumors. It is worth remembering that the available cell phones appeared relatively recently, so the research of radio emission will continue.

This problem lies in the other

Scientists from the London School of Hygiene came to weightless conclusions: Almost as many bacteria on the surface of a mobile, and on each 6th phone, particles of excrement were on each 6th telephone. This is due to the fact that most people do not wash their hands after visiting the toilet or wash it is not quite carefully. The bacteria of the intestinal sticks are particularly dangerous, which cause gastrointestinal diseases.

Bacteria live a few hours with the desired amount of heat and transferred with the help of items to which we touch. And how many times a day do you touch your phone?

To protect yourself from infections, observe a simple and useful recommendation:

The head of man weighs about 5 kg. When a person uses a telephone or tablet, the head leans forward and down, and the load on the neck muscles increases. With a slope of 30 °, your neck is experiencing a load of 18 kg, and when the slope of 60 ° is up to 27 kg. This burden falls on the back when you look into your smartphone.

Researchers believe that such a daily load will gradually bring you tangible problems: pain in the neck and back, headaches and feeling of stiffness. This syndrome even got its name — a text neck.

Scientists strongly advise not to forget about the position of the day throughout the day, as well as do

Studies from the University of Maryland scientifically proved the life paradox: although the phones are created to unite people, in the modern world they contribute to their disunity. Remote communication replaces real social contacts, reduces the sensitivity of people and the ability to empathize. Thus, the participants of the experiment after using the mobile were less inclined to engage in charitable affairs and solve the tasks in which the right answers were converted into money for those in need. Even if a person used his smartphone not for direct communication, his need for socialization was satisfied and it was less inclined to perform altruistic actions.

Modern phones are multifunctional gadgets. Social networks, work programs, reader, camera — they can not be released at all.

Experiments confirmed that the long-term use of smartphones negatively affects the mental health of people, especially young. Blue Light (Blue Light) shifts biological clock, breaking the production of melatonin — hormone, which regulates our internal rhythms. It causes insomnia and shifting the phases of sleep.

In addition, scientists have also established the relationship between the continuous use of the phone and the development of stress and depressive state. «Sharpening» in the phone leads to the development of anxiety and deterioration of mental abilities — our brain simply does not cope with a huge number of information that we get, looking at the screen.

In order not to suffer from the possible negative impact of the smartphone, scientists are recommended to give him less time and accurately

It would seem that when we talk on the phone, our interlocutor does not shout us right in the ear, but speaks calmly. But the researchers came to the conclusion that people who spoke on the phone more than 1 hour per day for 4 years, there are hearing impairment. This is manifested in the inability to distinguish the consonants (C, F, T, Z). All vowels are perceived normally. Such hearing problems are difficult to discover, because the human brain easily fills the gaps when we hear the speech is unclear.

Short waves of blue light that emits the phone screen are the most harmful for sight. Light from screens causes the eyes to strain and can lead to diseases: damage to the retina, maculodistrophy and cataract.

To preserve good vision, ophthalmologists recommend everyone who uses the phone, computer and other gadgets for more than 2 hours a day,

Possible cause of accidents

If you ask a scientist specialist, whether the phones are dangerous to human life, you will most likely hear such an answer: «Yes, because the mobile phone often becomes the cause of accidents.»

Indeed, the gadget can distract the driver and prevent him from cope with control. In some countries, it is forbidden to talk behind the wheel, and, for example, in Russia there is a penalty for using the phone without a headset. Remember the simple rules of road safety and

Statistics consults us: truly patients who are dependent on gadgets and the Internet, very little. But a huge number of users are abused by their gadgets. Now even new diseases associated with the daily use of the phone appear.


And how many hours a day do you spend, looking at the phone?