What if you are stuck in the elevator

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What if you are stuck in the elevator

Motor stalled, and movement stopped. Perhaps even went out light. Actually, nothing terrible happened, you just stuck in the elevator. The first thing that masters the man who fell into such a faulty elevator is panic. Especially if you are stuck on a high floor. And even more so if you suffer from claustrophobia.

Of course, you will tell you, it’s easy to talk about it until you get into a similar situation. But! Do you know how many times a day the elevator is stuck at different points of the world? And how many passengers are killed and disadvantaged of the lifters from imprisonment? So this situation is not so serious to indulge panic. Think about something pleasant. It will help you calm down, and the elevator will not seem so terrible.

The second rule — call the dispatcher. To do this, click the special button on which the bell is depicted. Most elevators it is located just below the buttons, with the designation of the floors.

Here, in fact, the basic rules, how to behave if the elevator is stuck — calm down and wait for the lifters. But you can give some more useful recommendations that will be accurately useful in this situation:

According to statistics, most of these precedents happen due to the fault of enterprises-manufacturers who are responsible for the operation and repair of elevators, or due to the negligence of the service personnel. Moreover, elevators continue to work in some homes, which has already expired.

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