What if you fell out of the plane without a parachute?

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What if you fell out of the plane without a parachute?

Unfortunately, the parachutists occur periodically situations when the parachute does not open and does not work spare. It is possible to be in the air at an altitude of several thousand meters without a parachute for other reasons. For example, during the war, the pilots were so saved, jumping out of the burning aircraft, when all the equipment, including the parachute, burned down. The question arises: what to do if it fell out of the plane without a parachute?

The exact rate of drop depends on several factors, including air density, body area, weight. But in any case, it will be very high and you will have to think and find solutions very quickly. The strongest fright that is experiencing everyone who finds himself in such a situation may prevent correctly assess the situation and possible rescue paths. But in some cases, the emission of adrenaline, on the contrary, stimulates a quick search for the most suitable room for landing.

It is very important to take the right position to slow down the fall, increasing the resistance of the air. The face must be omitted down. Hands and feet are so that your body takes the form of the letter «x».

If you do not see water under yourself, look for a forest or cluster of trees. There are cases when people fell from an airplane without a parachute on pine trees and survived after such a fall. The risk of getting an injury is definitely present. But when there is a life or death on the horse, it is not necessary to think about the possible injury to branches. Trees can soften the fall — and this is the main component of a successful landing.

If you fell out of the plane without a parachute and do not see any water nor trees, look for a flat large surface. For example, it can be a big truck or other large car. Such machines can slow down the fall by taking a part of the strike on themselves. Roofs of cars are softer than asphalt. Soften the fall of snow or swamps.

During the fall, it is necessary to try to slow it with all possible ways. The longer you will be in the air, the smaller the impact force is and, accordingly, the more likely to survive. Any obstacles that can slow down the fall in this case are relevant. If, for example, you fall due to the crash of the aircraft, try to grab debris. Surrounding yourself with wreckages, the probability of survive will be significantly higher.

It is necessary to land on the ground like this: the legs must be switched together and bent in the knees.

There are many stories about people who turned out in such a situation when they realized that they were in the air at high altitude, and their aircraft was unknown where. The protagonist of one of these stories is the Lieutenant of the Russian Federation Ivan. During the next departure in World War II, Ivan’s bomber was attacked by an opponent. He was so damaged that the crew was necessary to quickly leave the board. Ivan was a parachute, but he could not reveal it. The reason why he didn’t do this was as follows: there were many enemy aircraft around, which, finding a goal, immediately shot her. While Ivan fell, he was unconscious. He was fortunate enough to fall into the gorge covered with a thick layer of snow, which softened the fall. Ivan got injuries. But he quickly recovered and continued to fly.

Another pilot story

Parachute L. Batler 2010 made his next jump. At first everything went as usual and as planned. But when it is time to open the parachute, it has not opened. Each subsequent attempt to open it did not lead to success. Then she tried to open a spare parachute, but for some reason he did not open. However, despite this, the parachute survived. She got a concussion and broke his leg. But it remained alive. L. Batler’s self assures that he has survived due to prayer. Amazingly also the fact that after what a woman did continued to jump with a parachute. The first jump after the fall was given particularly difficult. She said that she had even had to ask the instructor to push it out of the plane, since it was not possible to spontaneously jump out due to fear and memories of her experience.

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