What is the dream of a height — drop in a dream what dreams

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What is the dream of a height — drop in a dream what dreams

According to most interpretations, the height dreams of people who put impossible tasks in front of them and make too little effort to achieve their goals.

Such a dream warns a man that he should be smaller to dream and act more. Fear and fall into the abyss in a dream — a sign that the dreams are too demanding about himself.

He must open his eyes to what is happening and finding the cause of all his failures. There are other interpretations of a dream, the values of which will depend on a variety of details — to find out, it is necessary to look into the dream book.

If a person dreams height, it may mean the following:

When a person dreams drop from height, interpretation may be like this:

If the height and fear fall, you need to be prepared for the following:

You dream the height jump down

Rapidly fly down for a long time

For woman to fly down in a dream

If a person commits a parachute jump

Climb the mountain, then go down from her

Jump into the water, perform jump from a springboard

If the height is big,

The value of such sleep will depend on the context:

If such a dream was in a woman

For a childless woman

Men are dreaming

If kid


See that the stranger jumped from a height of purpose