What is worse, uncertainty or failure?

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What is worse, uncertainty or failure?

Before performing a new case, each starts to assume, predict and determine for themselves how successful will be the result of all its actions. There are only two options here: good luck or failure. In parallel with this, such concepts as unknown and uncertainty arise.

Scientists insist that the stress man is experiencing when it is uncertain in the outcome of the operation.

Where there are «samples» («I will try … Let’s try …»), doubts arise. A person already sees what he is ready to abandon the continuation of relationships, affairs, the process, etc. Any failure or propulsion of the partner will give him the opportunity to say to himself a solid «no, I don’t want to, I will not.» In other words, when the individual wants to «try», and not to do, then begins to prepare mental paths for retreat. He is not ready to go to the end, whatever happens because it is engaged in preparing for the retreat in case of any problems and difficulties.

Obviously, any new process is energy-efficient and requiring new forces.