What makes a woman when one is alone?

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What makes a woman when one is alone?

It is no secret that we all sometimes love to be alone, without parents, children or their second half. After all, it can be so possible! Read the book, sleep and sleep again. Fantasy is limitless.

Sometimes we want to eat a whole chocolate tile and not to break a piece of pouring charming «vultures.» Does a woman can’t drink a package of juice without a request to share? Of course, maybe. When we are alone at home, all the tastes belong to us and only to us.

At times, we love to watch the programs that we are not particularly proud of, «bachelor», «let’s get married», etc. These shows are not suitable for children, and our men condemn us for such useless pastime. Peace and calm come to the house when children decide to walk with dad, and at this time we can enjoy watching your favorite TV show.

We can put songs of your favorite Verka Serdyuchka, Meladze or Rammstein for the whole volume (just do not forget about the neighbors), run around the apartment and dance. Sometimes you really need to pamper yourself with such fool.

Of course, the love we get from our husbands and children fills our hearts endless joy and happiness. But sometimes we just need to be alone with you at least 20 minutes.

Just imagine a foam bath, a moisturizing mask on face and relaxing music. And no one bothers on trifles and does not ask when the toilet is free. The beauty!

Tomik of his beloved novel has long been covered with dust, but the moment came when you can calmly take a book in your hands and enjoy reading. The main thing is not to fall asleep.

And so, the children and the husband will come home and will arrange chaos in the apartment. How so you can quickly rest the mess, we are still not clear to us, so it remains only to enjoy the purity in the house, while relatives are missing.

Sometimes children really want to help their parents, and this is a great opportunity to teach kids to be economic and responsible. But sometimes the woman just wants to wash this stupid dishes and return to his life. Children help not only in cleaning, but also create this mess. For example, they can break a glass or scatter something. Of course, we love our child, but we can only get caught and without any help.

When we go to the shopping center alone, without husbands and children, it seems that we were released from prison. We feel free and carefree. «Oh, here there is such a beautiful dress hanging, and one more, and also!» We can choose clothes as we want, not paying attention to the time. And no one will shout: «Purplus, dear, we have been going here for a long time» or «Mom, I want to watch home cartoons.» Ah, Lepot!

What is this pleasure to lie on the bed «asterisk» and just sleep! More even nothing to add.