What makes dehydration

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What makes dehydration

The H2O content in the human body is approximately 65-70%. Without water it becomes impossible to flow metabolic processes. If no food in humans have a chance to live about thirty days, then without water he will not stand longer than three days.

If the body is lacking a liquid, he begins to extract it from leather and joints, seeking to ensure that vital organs continue to work correctly. With dehydration, the following problems arise:

Exchange processes slow down. When slowing the metabolism, burning calories at rest is minimal, so excess weight is quicted faster.

Low performance. With a lack of fluid in the body, the person works inefficiently and in a low pace, it becomes more difficult for it to concentrate, since dehydration adversely affects the work of the brain. A person feels herself tired and exhausted.

Strong feeling of hunger. If the desire to eat emerges too often, it may mean that the body lacks fluid and he seeks to get it out of food. From here there is a feeling of hunger. In this situation, it will correctly pay attention to the drinking mode.

Early aging of the skin. If, with a shortage of fluid, the body is forced to use its internal resources, then the skin is primarily suffering from which wrinkles quickly appear.

Exposure to negative emotions. It has been proven that a person who uses an insufficient amount of fluid is used to be tired, it is done more aggressive, he may have depression or spiritual disorder.

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