What should be the right appearance in the workplace

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What should be the right appearance in the workplace

Nowadays it is difficult to find a job, and having received it, it is even harder to choose clothes for her. With changing the working conditions, it becomes very difficult to choose it, simultaneously suitable and convenient. And even the complete confidence is that you dress right, does not make it easier for the problem.

The dress code at work determines the cohesion of the collective and demonstrates faith in what he does. This is the same as the working environment. The ability to choose the right clothes determines how comfortable you feel and attitude towards you colleagues. Tights, short skirts, deep-cuts on blouses, as well as shapeless clothes in the style of hip-hop go beyond the fraction of decency. The appropriate clothing is the one that contributes to productive work, and not the one that makes the head turn to you after.

Nobody died from clean clothes. So why go to work in dirty, mint, and sometimes torn clothes? The first opinion about you is in appearance. You can not even imagine how negligent attitude towards clothes affect your image in the team and forms an opinion about you for a long time.

Workwear must be comfortable. Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. After all, you are constantly in sight. Therefore, if you are a responsible person, listen to these tips. Wear low-heeled shoes instead of high and do not dress short skirts, so as not to shoot down from the working rhythm the male part of the collective in case, for example, you need to raise something from the floor.

Practicality has always been in the trend. The reason is quite logical if you think about it. Golf t-shirts, low heels, turtlenecks. Acceptable simple sweaters, sneakers, moccasins. At the same time, tell me «no» home clothes in the form of home slippers, slap, t-shirts with obscene slogans and images.

Jewelry and hats at work are allowed, there is nothing wrong with them. On the other hand, ridiculous enough when the worker comes to a meeting in an evening dress or panama. Some companies are allowed clothing for Muslims, religious hats.

Ultimately, you should not wait when you make a remark for an inappropriate look. Immediately ask the bosses about the dress code in the company.